Sunday, July 20, 2008

Buzzword: Staycation

You know how the NY Times (and every other media outlet) is all on about how oil prices and an American recession are sounding the death-knell of summer travel? You know how they're referring to that new trend, the staycation? (That's where you hang out in your own town, preferrably your uber-private landscaped backyard, and drink G&Ts flavoured with slow-food limes and spearmint while BBQing with your hepcat friends who are saving money in precisely the same, stylin' manner.)

Well, in the spirit of this - more in the spirit of having dispensed with all the away-cating I'm likely going to do for the foreseeable future - I decided to pretend TO is Mtl. And, then, when I realized that seemed pathetic, that it didn't quite do justice to this sophisticated city in which I live and which some people actually enjoy, I decided to pretend TO is fun. Not a word most people associate with this industrious bastien of commerce.

Cut to our Sunday lunch at Terroni on Queen St., a restaurant staple that is both uniquely TO and the real deal. 80-year old moms touch shoulders with tv personalities. First dates intermingle with harried (but hip) new parents and tiny tots.

And, though I didn't get a photo, we managed to dine today with the (not exactly warm and fuzzy) food-god himself, Susur Lee. Um, you know you're not eating crappy-style when Susur's at the table to your right.

Here are a few candid photos:

In case you're wondering if Mr. Lee was comped his meal en famille, the answer is a succinct "no". (I sneakily checked out the bill on his table as we were leaving. Don't judge: It was research.)


  1. so. How was the food?

  2. Funny you should mention him. I know his co-author.

  3. Y: The food is always good. Very consistent and super authentic southern italian food. You should check it out but I only recommend the Queen West location. I don't much like the others...

    Miss C: Bizarre. Any interesting stories to tell? (I know you're too discreet to say anything too interesting!)

  4. Gorgeous. I love the last photo best!

  5. cute photos
    looks fun
    thanks for coming to my blog
    don't worry about ny times they are biased.

  6. You have to PRETEND Toronto is fun????

    You have no idea just how much fun it actually is. I recommend a sojourn in Saudi Arabia to get your head straight.


  7. Thanks E. I'm partial to that one too!

    Thanks Jen. I love your blog. I'm always very impressed by how detailed all your posts are. Hope you're feeling better after the tooth surgery...

    Sandra: Whenever I feel all meh about TO, I think of you in the desert and it puts it all into perspective. It's easy to be complacent about someplace when you know it so intimately. I recognize I need to stop bitching about this town and start enjoying it. It raises interesting questions about whether I would feel ambivalent about Mtl. if I actually lived there and had responsibilities...