Thursday, July 31, 2008

No, Really, I Want To Know

For a long time now, I've been kicking around the idea of writing about diet - specifically my diet - and my rather well-researched opinions about nutrition and (for want of a snappier descriptor) healthy lifestyle. I'm aptly qualified, you see, because my mother says I should be a naturopath - but then she also says I should be a therapist, stylist and talk show host - so just perhaps we should take that vote of confidence with a grain of salt!

I haven't yet posted on these topics, for a number of reasons, among them: It may be the most boring thing you've ever read; I'm not a health professional (not that this has ever stopped me in the past); and, let's face it, what works for each of us is based, in no small measure, on how individual chemistry gets it on with basic science. So I'm not exactly out to promote the book tour. Oh, and then there's the small matter that I'll need to write multiple posts, just to scratch the service of my high-maintenance ways.

Let's also call a spade a spade. There's eating and living well to be healthy (worthy goal) and eating and living way to be more lovely (also a worthy goal, IMO, but one that's fraught with complicated subtext). It's hard for me to detangle the two but that distinction may be very relevant to some of you...

So let me put it to y'all out there in Bloggywood: Might you actually want to hear about my strategy and opinions? (Please don't feel the need to be polite. Nothing is more wretched than coming to your fun fashion blog only to hear about some idiot girl's food diary...)

Oh, and while I'm asking the questions: How much time and/or energy do you invest in maintaining your health through diet and exercise / looking the way you want to look?


  1. I eat really haphazardly, mostly sweets, except when I am home with my family then it is balanced. But the "real" food at my cafeteria sucks. When I want my skin to be clearer I eat less chocolate and I SWEAR this works for me. I'd be curious to hear what you have on the topic.

  2. I am quite possibly the worst when it comes to diet. And strangly enough, lately as I've been eating worse and worse, the more weight I seem to lose!

  3. my diet currently consists of sugary cereals, string cheese and diet coke. bring on the healthy eating tips!!

  4. I invest 99% of my time trying to combat the ill effects of my all-candy diet.

  5. I'm interested is hearing what you have to say about diet.

    I'm not interested in talking about my M&Ms breakfasts, though.

  6. I'm pretty vigilant with my eating plan (except on vacation--damn you Tim Horton's and Cow's ice cream!).

    It's cereal with fruit, rice cakes or Greek yogurt for snacks, and protein with lots of veggies otherwise. Carbs are here and there--a cup of pasta, a slice of bread.

    Apres vacations I detox by not eating after 6:00 p.m.

  7. I'd vote yes (because i need a red hot poker crammed up my...well you get my point) and at the moment my daily exercise includes walking to supermarche for a packet of fags and the bottle shop for a box of wine. viva good genes!

  8. I am loving your responses, peeps!

    Rebecca: I remember hideous university food! I like to think my skin looks better for chocolate - but I could be making this up...

    Y: Hmmm, that's quite a system. We'll have to talk more about your methods :-)

    Jill: Thanks for the yea. And string cheese is really good for what ails you.

    Wendy: Of course, whatever you're doing it's working very well.

    Thanks E. And we will gloss right over those tasty breakfast candies. (I'm partial to the occasional piece of cake for breakfast!)

    Miss C: A girl after my own heart. Maybe this is because you are a mom in my age bracket. We do what we must, huh? I find late night eating is soooo compelling though. (It makes me feel young and badass. Sadly.)

    IM: Your comments always make me howl! Viva good genes indeed because you are the most gorgeous thing in the shoe-world today. It's all those antioxidants in the vino.

  9. Go for it. I'm always curious to hear what other people do to stay fit and healthy.

  10. I would love to hear about it - I feel so incompetent when it comes to healthy eating!

  11. I'd like to hear what you have to say, I have the worst relationship with food, I need to hear some truth! I love what you said about the two types of eating,- healthy & lovely - that is so true.

  12. Sal: Your recent scale posts really got me thinking about this topic again - it's so key and yet so challenging to get with for many of us. I really loved those posts!

    OK, Please Sir and Cybill and everyone else, you're on. I've have some posts lined up for next week, but I'll get started on Lifestyle Theme Week now!

  13. I'd read it cos I like the way you write. And I'm kind of obsessed with health (hello, I'm a Virgo!)...

    I'm lucky because I've never had a weight problem so don't have to exercise to look thin but at my age I should be doing more than 15 minutes of the Cindy Crawford workout once a week. Sometimes I go through phases of doing sit ups on my fitball to keep my pot belly under control. I try to eat heathy food but I eat chocolate once a day (and sometimes cake for breakfast...tsk). On the other hand I don't drink or smoke and rarely take drugs anymore and I'm generally hyperactive so burn up energy just from going about my business.

  14. Rollergirl: Thank you for that lovely vote of confidence! You sound like you're moving in the right direction, if you ask me. And exercise, while important, is only one part of a big equation. I'm sure you're running around in your regular life quite a bit. Making everything perfect like you Virgos do! :-) Will write about lifestyle soon...