Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Secret Agent Spy-Wear

Secret Agent Spy Plays Gallery Owner

Secret Agent Spy Does Soviet Chic while channelling Stella McCartney

Secret Agent Spy takes tickets at Safari World

I think I'd need to do a little professional transition to wear these believably...

(All images are from Loewe Resort 09.)


  1. I am loving all Loewe's new items . . . this sexy conservatism is right up my alley!!

  2. I'm going to give Loewe the benefit of doubt because of the light globe 'feature' heels from the AW collection!

  3. These are fantastic. I want a wardrobe that makes me feel like a spy!

  4. I do like the brand, CC.

    IM: That's princely, or should I say queenly! (Despot-ty??):-)

    Clothes Horse: You already have a wardrobe that plays to mystery. All you need is to add a couple of these pieces! (Come on, how much could they cost? 2 paychecks?)

  5. I like everything except the necktie--shades of boarding school again? But it could easily be removed.

  6. E and Wendy: This brand is truly gorgeous, I agree. Esp. the trench look!

    Miss C: The necktie is hilarious, non? I struggle with safari. On the one hand I'm drawn to it's neutrality and simplicity. On the other hand, it's such a "look"...

  7. The best person for all these looks would be Agent 99. The model makes them look quite insipid. With Agent 99's fabulous sharp dark hair and sassy look, these would be taken to a whole new level of cool.

  8. SKM: You are so right. Agent 99 all the way...