Saturday, July 19, 2008

I Mentioned I Like to Eat, Yes?

In the spirit of all of those great bloggers who post great pictures of enjoyable meals, here are a few "artful" offerings of my own...

Mmmmm, cafe:

Note that this looked and tasted fantastic but, regrettably, got mixed up with my daughter's "decaf cappuccino" so I had a headache till lunchtime while she was literally so boing-boing wired I practically had to body-check her. Till I figured it out. Then I was seriously irritated. Like a caffeine addict needing a fix.

And here's Holt's Cafe, a place I always visit whenever I'm in Montreal. Of course, I live a mile away from my own Holt's Cafe (on Bloor Street), where I can get hideously overpriced, tiny meals in a space-aged modern room anytime I'd like, but somehow that location has no appeal.

This place is so truly "ladies who lunch" that child portions are actually larger than the adult meals and wine by the glass is excessively, ahem, generous.

Here are a few more photos of the beautiful Holt Renfrew Montreal. This truly is a beautiful shopping space:


  1. I know that Holts *very* well. There I bought my first *designer* wristwatch, as well as a fab pair of black patent leather ladies' brogues, with the great perforated toe and side buckle. I stomped all over rue Crescent in those.

  2. Miss C: Totally badass behaviour, you in the brogues :-) Of all the Holts', this is the best, IMO. It's so beautiful. This time around, all I bought is a lipstick (Bobbi Brown Cassis, perennial fave).

  3. Gee whiz that looks nice.

    Funny about your coffee mix up!

  4. Are they snooty? I've never been inside and I plan on going to check out the sales. I don't want to be intimidated walking in there.

  5. It reminds me of Marks & Spencer for some reason! :-P

  6. I've never been to the Montreal Holts. I was at the Toronto ones recently. Trying on clothes and shoes, pretending I had all the money in the world to purchase them.

  7. E: It's really, really nice (pics don't do justice) and the coffee incident was not so funny while I was living it :-) But it makes a good story, thankfully!

    StyleRaven: Are they snooty? Well, it kind of depends on the location and the SA in question. They're not the least snooty people I've ever come across, but I don't find it intimidating - if you know what I mean. You should definitely check out the Now or Never sale. It's awesome for designer things - though not cheap, even when "cheaper". Channel your inner "rich girl"! Let me know how it goes for you.

    Egads, Cordelia! That photo, perhaps, doesn't represent it well - or maybe in the UK your M&S's are just more architecturally sassy than the ones we used to have here in TO. I really like Marks & Spencer and I'm sorry they've left Canada...

    You see, Y, that's the only way to go, non?

  8. Except I stood for ten minutes trying to convince myself to splurge on $300 shoes because they were marked down from $700 or something like that. Luckily the responsible side of me won that round.

  9. I have so been in exactly that boat. How admirable that the pragmatic Yulanda won out. Usually it's the impractical me! :-) Someone raised a valid point on Coco's site (about the Wang dress). It doesn't matter if it's massively on sale when it's still expensive...

    Something about going into really upscale places tends to smack the sense out of me.

  10. I went and checked out the shoes, but nothing I wanted. Maybe I should've went the first day of sales.

    I had to content myself with just touching the buttery soft leather on a pair of Chloes.

  11. I do find that the best time to hit these big sales is on the first day, but - as per my comment to Yulanda - it's better to walk when there's nothing that meets your specific requirements. At least you didn't spend!

    Did you find it snooty or were they pleasant? Did you enjoy the location?