Thursday, February 5, 2009

You Want Somma This?

My friend Sandra, who's had a number of mentions lately in this forum, recently bought an insanely expensive - marked down by a zillion dollars, and still expensive - bad ass leather vest.

Very biker girl meets lady who lunches.

And this sweet thing reminds me of it:
Oh, you can get it this spring at Club Monaco. I actually found this photo on the website. Is it possible they've hired some web intern??


  1. Pick one up for me when you nab your own, eh? It's glorious, and undoubtedly buttery soft.

  2. Come to Greystones, our local vastly overpriced accessories boutique buys about 50 butter soft designer leather coats and jackets every year and they are all still there. Including an even cuter version of this, with a hood!

    (with sterling so low, everybody went north of the border to shop this year, hence the %70 off sale prices)

  3. This looks just like the jacket I wore to death a hundred years ago and finally donated because it smelled like cigarettes. Now I wish I hadn't given it away . . .

  4. Oh K* I love it, it's fabulous.
    I would say go for it.


  5. Stop! You are tantalising me with this one agh!! I want - mind you 9 times out of 10 I don't suit a bad ass leather jacket. I seem to lack the rock chic gene.

  6. Sal: Knowing you, you'll find one for 5.99 while thrifting!

    Hammie: I would just love to!

    RightBank: I have so many items of clothing I could say the same about. Now I don't want to give anything up. But how to bring in more??

    Seeker: It would look particularly fab on you!

    Summer: Thanks.

    Kate: You just keep telling yourself that and maybe it will take away the urge :-)

  7. reminds me of that cody chestnut song: 'i can do anything i want because i look good in leather'


  8. rdr: I don't know that song. But I'm going to look it up!