Sunday, February 1, 2009


My daughter just spent the last hour traumatizing showing me "really good old days videos". Top on her list - no joke - were Britney Bitch's Baby One More Time and (OMG) Thriller. OK, do y'all remember how scary that video was? And not simply for the fashions.

I sense I've become one of those moms who wistfully remembers the past as her child discovers it for the first time. Saying things like "I tried to get tickets to that concert but they were all sold out." and "I loved that song but my mother thought it was louche so she made me turn it off when I blared it on the radio."

Parenting scares the shit out of me. Please discuss.


  1. Been there done that with the babysitters who mind our kids for crying out loud! Who think Take That and Boyzone "really random" !!!! How old am I if the people who mind my kids think I am retro!!!

    Actually - Boo is getting into AC/DC via the Simpsons and it is kind of cool and Mr Hammie has ordered a t-shirt and cd for him on ebay. That and U2, so I can have U2 Under a Blood Red Sky playing in the car instead of fecking Bob the Builder!.

  2. At times I count my blessings that I have a boy. Not that girls are wonderful in their own way, but as a male, and as a father, I feel lucky that Dan's interest are relatively harmless when I listen to parents of 14 year old girls.
    Thanks for your tip on "Fourbucks" I will try it.

  3. It's better than saying "I wore that in the '80s" which is what I find myself saying all the time. Woe is me.

  4. REminds me of a quote I was looking at the other day: "Parents are the last people who should be allowed to have kids" HE Ball

  5. It's kind of shocking when your kid is singing about "jumpin' in the club, makin' love in da club..." at age ten.

  6. Gotta Love Thriller... OHmy Gosh! I wore that in the 90's.. hehe (late 80's)

  7. My children often start sentences with "when you were young in the olden days", I hate that.

  8. Not a mum, can't discuss...sorry!

  9. My son pointed at a Ford Model T driving by and asked, "Is that what they drove when you were a kid?" I'm 38.
    As for music, it's all scary (and I sound soooo old saying that). My 6-year old daughter has the talent of being able to memorize lyrics after one listen, and thus knows the words to that ridiculous "Rock Star" song that was playing all last year: "The girls come easy and the drugs come cheap. We'll all stay skinny 'cus we just won't eat." I have begged her not to sing it at school.

  10. Kate: You just wait.

    Hammie: OMG. They all say random. Like constantly. My daughter is on about that constantly. Hilarious.

    Dave: Boys have some real pluses :-) And let me know how your next Buxx experience goes...

    Wendy: With your girlish looks, they just think you're kidding. :-)

    GT: LOVE this. Will steal it.

    Karen: Oh, I know. And hip hop slithering to Britney's Circus.

    GJ: Don't admit it to anyone. :-)

    Cybill: Yesterday, M asked my husband if he was born in 1924 :-)

    Jen: Oh, come on. Project! :-)

    Janet: LOL. Man, what is up??

  11. It's not so much the music that makes me feel old, but the words that come out of my mouth. "Your the oldest and it is your responsibility to set and example for your sister."... " If you break it , you fix it."... "You don't need to know why you just need to do it!" etc.. etc..
    That and my thoughts on what just about every 16 year old girl wears. " I would never been allowed out of the house looking like that!" When did I forget that I used to SNEAK out of the house looking like that?

  12. SKM: Ha! I know that line. And now that your onto the sneaking, watch out for your own missies :-) I know I'll be watching out for mine!