Monday, February 16, 2009

All Tied Up

OK, you might remember that a) I have lamented never having been able to wear a lady, silk-bow blouse because of the boobs and b) my husband, unbeknownst to himself (except when the bill came / the boxes were opened on Xmas day) got me some lovely things at Club Monaco.

Amazingly, a la Christmas miracle-lite, I found a terrific version, bow included, that doesn't make me look like tits on a trunk.


Given the style's general, sharp juxtaposition with my natural frame, I am soooo excited to have found this particular top. It's a great lesson in continuing to look, with an open mind, for flattering versions of the fashions that thrill you.

Oh, and did I mention, it was on sale from $100.00 to $59.00???


  1. You minx! It looks fantastic, and the only thing better than a perfectly fitting item of clothing is a perfectly fitting item of clothing that fits. You've hit the jackpot!

  2. No wait. I meant a perfectly fitting item of clothing on sale. Curse you tiny brain!

  3. Ooh, good solution! The no-sleeves balances out the high neck and detail and looks awesome. Yay!

  4. That top is absolutely fantastic on you. Did you redo your hair? It looks even more amazing than usual.

  5. Gosh K, I'd say you've achieved perfection!

  6. it looks perfect! although i have the perfect opposite problem to yours (no boobs instead of too big boobs) i know how much a special item can work for ones frame, and that really is important. all the better when you feel so fine in one piece of clothing.

  7. Perfect! It really does work perfectly with your shape - sharp!

  8. Wow, beautiful lady!!! You look fabulous!!!


  9. I can't tell you how much I love these last two posts. You're such a doll, you'd look great in anything.

  10. That blouse is lovely and it suits you perfectly.

  11. You always look marvelous.

    And by the way, I passed one of your container trucks on the way to work the other day. Diversification is a mark of a forward thinking woman.

  12. That works! And I too saw one of your container trucks on an overpass today. I thought it must be a tweet!

  13. Very hot match with the Superfines.
    CM should seriously pay you.

  14. OH! I really love your top!! :)

  15. I love the Tie/bow it totally makes the shirt or the shirt makes the bow.. you know what I mean! "wink"!

    Actually I agree, you look great in ANYTHING!

  16. Ms. U: Thanks! (And I knew where you were going with that comment!)

    Sal: Merci!

    Andrea: Of course, you hit the nail on the head. I didn't think of it that way.

    Bel: I LOVE it when people compliment my hair because, truly, it is not my best feature. I did redo it, but strangely, not till 2 hours after this pic was taken. The new me is even crazier blond and slightly different. But my part was on the other side for this photo which is, perhaps, why it looks new.

    E: Wow - high praise. Thank you!! I can't imagine perfection, but I do really like the top :-)

    Kitten: We should swap "challenges" for a week and see if we still agree :-) Thanks for your comment!

    Thank you Skye!

    Thank you Seeker!

    Monkey: I know if you like the post, I'm doing something right. Thank you!

    Rebecca: It's taken a long time to find but I'm really happy with it. Thanks for your lovely compliment.

    D.: Thank you! And, idiot that I am, I didn't realize K-Line was a shipping company until it was too late (and everyone knew I'd made the mistake anyway). That's why one should do her research!

    Miss C: Hilarious!

    Raven: Thanks. And I agree. CM should pay me! I do so much advertising on its behalf...

    Thanks so much, Trish.

    GJ: You don't see the things I look crappy in. It's part of "maintaining the illusion" :-)

    ~h and Wendy: Thank you!!

  17. That was amazing..
    You always look gorgeous..=)

  18. Oh I love this!!! You look FAB!!!

  19. Great new Hair K! How did I miss that?

    And the jeans and shirt combo are smokin!


  20. Summer: Thank you so much for that lovely compliment!

    Maegan: I'm channeling a bit of your California cool! :-)

    Hey Lisa: Thanks so much. You know, I didn't change the hair - just parted it differently but it's kind of changed my whole look. Well, then after I took these shots I did change it (made it more rocker girl) so you'll have to tell me if you like the new version when I next post a photo.

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