Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Melt With Me

We had a delicious Valentine's evening, scarfing down such a volume of Brie and Wild Mushroom Fondue that I barely had room for dessert?! (Don't worry, I struggled through.)

The photos above capture the detail, but I had to use a flash - what with the moody, fancy steak-house quality of my dining room lighting - I mean chalet.

So here's a (flash-free) shot to capture the vibe:


  1. I have never made fondue. The cheese usually never makes it that far.

    I had a very nice craft cheese out of the lake michigan region of wisconsin (hika bay, to be exact) last night - raw milk, nutty flavor (sort of reminiscent of reggiano but not as dry). It would make a nice substitute for Gruyere but half the price. It was either their Saxony or Greenfields.


  2. Seems to have many things I can eat, because it looks so elicious


  3. Thanks everyone for agreeing with my take on the evening! :-)

    D.: That sounds great. It only makes it to fondue in my house because it's purchased specially that day (a pound of brie). PS: I did eat another cheese for lunch...

  4. Nice.. someone was having a good time (and good food too)