Thursday, February 26, 2009

No Doubt You Will Maegan

You know how I don't lie to you, my bloggie friends. Many's the time one of you has commented or emailed to tell me how spot on my "check out this site" posts are. Cuz it's all about me, after all!

At any rate, one of the blogs I've been reading for a while - Maegan - is a total gem. I just wish I could remember how I found it so that I could thank the referring blogger.

Maegan, a true California girl, posts sometimes-sweet, sometimes-artful photos of herself but, more excitingly, she speaks about her life with impressive candor. Right now, in some ways, things haven't been going exactly as planned for her, but this is one woman who takes lemons and makes lemonade. Hell, she takes lemons and makes Long Island iced tea!

Here's the thing (and you know that I am rarely so reductionist): Let's imagine Maegan decided to stop writing insightfully, misplaced her zany sense of humour, considerable style and went all bland. She'd still be so insanely gorgeous - like sit at a diner and get picked up by an agent gorgeous - that you'd be compelled to check out her photo posts (aka eye candy)! Not that I'm implying she's my blogosphere girl crush.

Cuz that would be over share. :-)


  1. Maegan's very sharp, and very hot! I think it's okay to have a girl crush on her. How could you not?

  2. I totally dig Maegan as well, she is so candid and GAWD look at her hair!!!!

  3. Yes! She is fabulous!
    Funny and beautiful :)


  4. Oh yes, Maegan is gorgeous!!!
    And has lots of humor too.


  5. omg TOTALLY BLUSHING right now ...that was really REALLY sweet. Thank you.

    {and here I just came over to see how you were doing}

  6. maegan is just fab, so you must be cool too since you like her!!!

  7. All the guys here just said everything about Maegan.
    What more can i say!?=)
    She's a great person..;D
    Keep on writing friend..=)
    Have a nice day.

  8. I love Maegan too.Gorgeous, funny and altogether lovely.

  9. I love her 'office style pic's', she's in my reader but never seem to find the chance to swing by but for my beloved K, I'll make the time.

  10. Yes I do Love Meagan!

    Her site inspires me to not dress so frumpy everyday! Lol!

  11. Meagan is a beautifully inspirational woman! I love her honesty and humor!

  12. Thank you, k-Line, I just got a new blog to follow ;)

  13. meagan is such an amazing person. so smart ... so funny ... and so ridiculously gorgeous ... AND she has style! lethal combination!

    to be honest i think anyone who reads her blog develops a crush ... i know i did ... my boyfriend is cool with it ; )

    thanks, k-line! cheers, -paul

  14. E: Thanks for leading the pack in such an affirmative way! :-)

    GJ: I know, such hair! And funny!

    CC and Seeker: Hilariously we all think exactly alike :-)

    Maegan: It's the kind of service we like to provide here :-) Thanks for mentioning my post on your blog!

    drollgirl: Oooh, great comment! I've been loving your blog, btw.

    Summer: Thanks!

    Bel: It might have been you who sent me to her blog.

    Mattie: I love being beloved. Kxo

    Yaya: It's great to have blog friends who inspire good fashion. Thanks for stopping by.

    Rendez: What a dramatic name you've got. I love honest writing, wherever I find it.

    ladybird: Hey - I don't think I've ever seen you comment here, have I? I like it. And totally add her to your list!

    Paul: Thank you for putting it into perspective. :-) Understanding partners make the crushes fun!

  15. When I first saw her online I gaped. That's quite a while ago now. You've described her really really well.
    Total girl crush justified. I actually had a similar thing towards enc actually.

  16. Well thank you Songy! And I had a crush on Enc too. So sad her blog is still on hiatus.