Monday, February 9, 2009

Rich and Famous

So, you know how I went on the spree of the season Friday afternoon. In an hour I managed to buy, among other things, two pairs of awesome jeans and a little something to up my glamour quotient:
Oliver Peoples Candice Sunnies

Given my dramatic sun (and autograph) aversion, I think this bug-meets-cats eye frame will be just the thing.

Of course, next week, when they're ready, I will post a photo of me wearing the new sunnies. Not that I could see for shit while trying them on, but I really hope - I mean I'm sure - they will be ultra-chic with my pixie hair.

Please note, by way of apologizing unnecessarily for purchasing aka "doing my part for a flailing economy", that my current sunglasses (bought in a moment of cheerful cheapness) have never fit properly and are about to, literally, fall apart. And since I am a girl who can't wear contacts / has a significant prescription, buying quality is imperative. The minute I put them on, I could tell they were made for my face, and will block any ray of sun stupid enough to glare at my princess-y, prone to strain peepers.

And, given it was payday and I've been vaguely watching my pennies lately, I had a lovely (not exactly regular) experience of buying them with cash.


  1. Contacts, schmontacts, guys love to make passes at girls who wear glasses.

  2. So glam! I bet they look smashing on your gorgeous visage.

  3. I love this bright and optimistic purchase. Symbolically these gorgeous glasses are saying that you expect plenty of sunshine to come your way, zippitydoodah!!!!!;-)

  4. they are fab and the right sunglasses are a total necessity no matter the price! ...and, you're giving back

  5. Dr. M: That's what I choose to believe!

    Sal: Thank you! Turns out they are going to be another few days (what's that about) but I will post when they arrive.

    Bel: It is optimistic. Amazing, since lately optimism has been a tough sell for me :-)

    Thanks Maegan - you are the sunnies queen!

    Rightbank - Merci beaucoup!

  6. Oooh, I have these glasses too. You having them pleases me unduly, and makes me feel much more chic than I actually am (though I do give good accessory).

  7. Isabella: What a sweet comment! I love that you have them too. Just picked up mine from the shop today. They are very chic, yes?