Saturday, February 21, 2009

Still Life: Flowers

It's been sunny the past few days. Not quite as bitter and the banks of snow have even begun to melt. So I went and bought some tulips:

The restorative power of a simple bouquet never ceases to amaze me. I could look at these all day...


  1. Flowers can change the feel of a room so dramatically! And I love tulips, I wish they were in season all year round so I could go buy some right now!

  2. Very sensual. I love the light pink tips.

    I was walking in the woods the other day and saw a spray of daffodils blooming on the site of an old homestead. The flowers are all that's left to mark the home of the people long gone so they are something like the spirit of the lives lived there and since past.

    A melancholy sign of spring's return.


  3. Gorgeous bouquets, I agree with you, the power of flowers is really amazing.


  4. You have a real gift with the lens and your eye for beauty!

  5. I agree. Fresh flowers make every room look better. It's hard not to smile when you see them. I love tulips! These are beautiful! {thanks for the really sweet comment :)}

  6. Beautiful flowers... I love tulips.

  7. Tulips are my favourite - they are so simple yet bold!

  8. Ms. U: Me too. You can get them but, out of season, they cost a fortune and they just aren't the same!

    D.: What a beautiful way to think of perennials! And I bought the tulips because of the pink tips. When they opened they were the strangest colour. Kind of pig flesh coloured.

    Seeker: Thank you!

    Dave: Thank you so much. I just love to take photos and I am so pleased to think that others might like them. I hope I'm getting better the more photos I take!

    Maegan: I just call 'em as I see 'em! And flowers do totally make a room. They distract you from all the crappy bits!

    Me too Nadine. Thanks.

    Kate - I know, the simplicity makes them all the more beautiful and dramatic.

  9. I love them. They always brighten a room.

  10. They will be lovely even more so than now once in full bloom! It is still chilly here, cloudy and rainy!

  11. Secret: Why thank you!

    Alessandra: Thanks for your lovely comment. Please visit again!

    E: I know. They are spring in a vase.

    GJ: It's sooooooo cold here still. Like, -20 and worse with the wind chill. I need some spring.

  12. Tulips are like spring in a bouquet ;) Love tulips!

  13. Ladybird: With daffodils they are spectacular!