Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Designer Jellies

In case you're looking to buy some of those Vivienne Westwood plastic shoes, it looks like Balisi on College is selling the whole collection. I'm intrigued to note how affordable they are for Westwood shoes (the ones shown here are about $150.00 and the flats, not shown, are $69.00).

Intriguingly, in the space of 5 minutes, no fewer than 3 stylish women walked in the store, excitedly picked them up, and then opined loudly to anyone within earshot, "Wow, these would really make your feet sweat, don't you think?"

In truth, that's the only reason I won't chance them. Well, that, and the fact that I'm secretly afraid they are a perfect environment for causing the worst friction blisters ever. Not that jellies are high on my list of must-haves. These are just so elegant.

Do let me know if you take the risk.


  1. Jelly shoes seem to reemerge every 10 years or so, like clockwork really! I learnt when I was 5 years old that jelly shoes + Australia's climate really don't go well together. So as much as I love Vivienne and her whacky shoes, jelly is a definite no-go for me.

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  3. friction blisters AND foot fungus. Jellies are the spawn of the devil.

    I think that their rise and fall are a function of the economy. They are very inexpensive. I always associate them with poverty as my images of the feet that where them usually belong to third worlders and my Appalachian brethren.

  4. Not gonna do it. I remember jellies from high school/college. Un. Comf.

  5. I love jello, jelly bears, jelly beans, and love the colour of the shoes in the pic.
    But I only wear R.M. Williams from the Australian Boot Company stores.
    Men are so boring in foot wear eh?

  6. OH foot fungus... eeek, went down that road once, and will avoid at all costs not to do it again.

    They remind me of Crocs?

  7. Definitely not for me. The only rubber shoes I can wear are Havis. I do love the color, though.

  8. They are really uncomfortable I tried some on!
    And twilglets will be on way soon - been vbusy agh!!

  9. ^^ LOL @ "Appalachian brethren."

  10. Ms. U: They do seem to re-emerge every now and again. Hmmm...

    D.: Jeez, I didn't even consider foot fungus. No go.

    Tessa: I know, they were really uncomfortable. Though you could go in the ocean with them!

    Dave: The thought of a guy in jellies is hilarious :-) Embrace your inner bore!

    GJ: Ooooh, big dis. Not crocs!?

    E: I have to agree that the colours are awesome. And they look very juicy up close.

    Sal: I thought I remembered your post! I want to hear how it goes this summer, pls. I really hope they are terrific for you, because they look great.

    Kate: Pls. do not rush. I can live without Twiglets for years, it would appear. :-) I so appreciate your sending them when you get a moment. And pls. tell what CDN treats flip your switch or I'll have to come up with something...

    WendyB: That D. is hilarious...

  11. Oh,it's a big no for me my friend.
    By now,i'm just looking on it,but a really bi "no"=)
    Looks like uncomfortable.=D

  12. They're mine; I'm one of them. Y'all.

  13. That was nice,,=)
    Nice color either,,

  14. I have a pair in the Melissa range and truth be told I can only wear them with stockings. They are, however, amazingly comfortable. Another friend has this exact pair and swears by them. the fact that she is know for being a woman how loves comfortable clothes and shoes (trends not being high on her list) gives me good hope for these.

    I might have to break mine out this week now you've reminded me!

  15. I think I would have to ring my sponsor Imelda-Mike if faced with this and be talked out of it. On the one hand owning some Westwood would be appealing, on the other hand it would be akin to getting a free bag with Burberry Perfume and thinking I owned a Burberry Bag (as IM has counselled)

    So no.

    I do love a jelly shoe, but then I wore them in the 80s with tights and asymmetrical hair while I danced with IM at Youth Theatre Show parties to Blondie's Atomic.

    The other place they belong is on a rocky beach in Cefalu.


  16. I am so heartened that fashionable women everywhere are drawing the line at foot fungus. One small victory for practicality!


  17. Summer: They really do seem like a big risk. But colourful!

    D.: Are you mocking me?? :-)

    Thanks Solo.

    SKM: Thanks for this comment. I love that you've had first hand experience - and that your friend is up with these. I do think they'd be great with tights.

    Hammie: Oh, that's so well-put. It is a bit like calling a gift bag with purchase "the real thing". I am very motivated by the link to Vivienne W, because I love her stuff. But is it really VW?? Mind you, I also like the colours and the retro-feel. But the potential blisters are freaking me out.

    Sandra: You know how many ill-fated shoe purchases I have endured - and not because I'm a crazy shoe shopper, just because I need such specific footwear to do so many things. You know that's hard to guarantee with any given pair of shoes. So these, as impractical as they seem, are beckoning because I wonder if they could, by counter intuition, be the most comfortable, sweat resistant shoes ever..

  18. "D.: Are you mocking me?? :-)"

    No. I wouldn't dream of it. I was extending and correcting my comments re: my Appalachian-ness. I apologize for any discomfort I may have caused.

    I also apologize for my obvious snobbery. Cheap shoes are important to people who can't afford better. Clearly my comments regarding "third-worlders" was a were insensitive.

    I enjoy reading your blog and value your perspective. If I make a careless remark that seems overly sarcastic, please give me the benefit of the doubt that it was meant purely in jest with the best of intentions.


  19. Hey D.: As I mentioned in my email - I was just joking with you. I knew you were just being funny. Comment away with your dry sense of humour!