Thursday, February 12, 2009

Good Vibrations

So, remember the spendathon? Well, it commenced (unsurprisingly) at a sex shop.

Note to father: Stop reading now.

Now, I don't want to step on Tanya's toes. Truly, her infomercial on the thing was the catalyst for my most recent $$$ sex toy purchase. But I do want to speak about it in general:

The We Vibe is the latest in his 'n hers motorized fun. In brief this "adult lifestyle luxury product" (yes, these people need a new marketing manager), provides clitoral, g spot and penile stimulation, as it can be worn during penetrative sex.

Ain't it amazing how just the right language can totally kill your buzz?

Predictably, this isn't your go-to site for personal vibe reviews, but I am a recent and die-hard fan. I heartily (ha) suggest that you consider it, or some other fun toy, in the near future.

Why? Well, sex toys:
  • Promote good sex - alone or with others.
  • Are fun to "get to know".
  • Give you the option to stimulate the economy and something else.
More to the point, it's practically Valentine's - aka International Day of Sex.

The We is not, however, a negligible purchase. It costs about $140.00 and you can't exactly return it if it doesn't flip your switch. Mind you, there are hundreds of other great options, for both sexes, in numerous price ranges. One is bound to be an affordable risk.

And, c'mon peeps, don't you deserve a little midwinter love?

I thought so.


  1. It's posts like this that make me adore you so.

  2. Well it ain't cheap but I'm sure it's worth the $!


  3. Yeah doesn't sound cheap, but I have to agree with Couture Carrie!

  4. Yowza. I usually just crack open a fresh bottle of Ketel One taken straight from the freezer. After reading your informative post, I'm more than adequately intrigued enough to investigate partner willingness.

  5. I am going to be brave here and admit, I've never bought a sex toy.. well once.. and I don't know what happened to it, it went missing?

  6. Monkey: Why thank you! I'm surprised that more people didn't have something to say. I guess provocative Krissie doesn't bring out the commenters :-)

    CC: Indeed!

    Diana: It's worth the bucks. I mean, a fancy meal will cost as much but you can't enjoy it again and again :-)

    Tessa: You can do the booze AND the vibe, you know :-)

    GJ: OK, I am surprised. Really. You have to get one. You will not regret it!

  7. Ahahahhaa!!! I hadn't thought about telling THE WHOLE WORLD about the secret stuff I do with my business area and the sexy time but I guess now I have to!

    As always, am glad to see someone follows my bossy instructions...hee!

    See how we were meant for each other? I'm buying slutty high heel boots because I feel you on my shoulder, whispering to me...


  8. ( just fyi: I have a friend who found after repeated use of an electric stimulator that her clitoral nerves became desensitized. be careful down there. )

    (also I am reminded of the book "Kinflicks" were a woman who habitually used a vibrator (corded model) that suddenly, violently, and spectacularly malfunctioned while she was in the throes of solo passion)


  9. Speaking of clams, this is what I am making for my sweetie for Valentines day: Linguine con le vongole

  10. this thing lasts for 2 hours? are you fucking kidding me?


    Yes< I had to tilt my head to look at it.

  11. Tanya: I am seriously sorry if I outed you! :-) I mean, I just assumed you had a post in the works and you were waiting on further, um, research.

    D.: I hear you, and I am not suggesting that one numb her nerve-endings into unresponsiveness. But this toy, even on high, is not half as high as some of them. I say, everything in moderation. Oh, and speaking of clams, that's one fine meal!

    Hammie: Trust me. It does :-)