Sunday, February 1, 2009

Thing I Love

I usually don't "bloggy love" things of which you can't find decent photos on the web. I mean, how am I supposed to do the advertising without decent tools??

But today I bought a pair of undies (g-string, thong, whatever you wanna call them) that are sooo comfy and sooo sexy on account of their perfect fit, I will write about them nonetheless.

The company, Minerva, is Greek. I'd never heard of it till today. The style is the basic Fimelle lace string. You hard core thong wearers - or those who steadfastly refuse to wear them because they contribute to sausaging around the hips - will appreciate the neither too-thick nor too-thin lace band. It's also neither too low-rise nor high-style (hideous on most, to be sure).

I am positive they will work on many hard-to-thong bodies, regardless of size. And they come in the perfect shade of neutral beige (as well as black). Now, I paid about $25.00 for them, which you may think is high on drugs. But you know my stance on the undies that make your ass look good...

Here's a picture of someone else's:

No guarantee that yours will be quite as fantastic, but no harm giving it a go!

Secret trick: Buy them one size up.


  1. The hard core thong is something I think will not catch on.


  2. Gosh I'd forgotten about thongs until Friday when I told the model off for not having flesh coloured ones with her. I'm loathed to supply!!

  3. I'm old school. Still like my full coverage (though not granny panty) panties.

  4. I agree that they do wonders for one's butt if it's the right shape and size, but alas I can never get rid of the bum floss sensation.

  5. Oh dear, not for me, K-line. I like a good boy short though...

  6. I would pay $2500 for my ass to look like that.

  7. D.: LOL

    Kate: You'd think they'd know that it's de rigeur??

    Raven: The brand seems to do a lot of cotton that fits that description.

    GT: My mother and sister totally agree with you and refuse to get on board, no matter how much I nag at them :-)

    Karen: OK. Boyshorts are cute too.

    Bel: Me too! It's not fair what some people get just by accident. And with massive amounts of exercise and careful eating. But you know what I mean :-)

  8. Karen, you're lucky you can do a boy short, that's proof your body is delicious.

    Alas, since I had the babby it feels weird to wear a thong, so maybe I'll have to retry...

    And that was sweet of you to use my photo.

  9. hahah.. I always wear g-strings...didn't know that secret though.. I must try to buy one size up next time.

  10. You slim girls never know that secret, Songy :-)

  11. T: I thought of asking but then I said, I'm sure she won't mind - especially as it will be a good 6 weeks of training "before shot" :-)