Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Feel Fine...

I promised to show the jeans, once hemmed, so here is the first pair, the Superfines (I like to call them Sooopafines) for your review:

Yes, that's a photo of my ass. Don't judge me for my vanity. That ass cost $250.00.

And here's a shot of the (very decent, very maternity-friendly rise):

Again, I'm only revealing it because it's a testimony to the black art magical powers of the freakin' jeans. Anyone who knows me knows that my stomach has never looked so flat. Call it, getting my money's worth!

And wait till you see it with a new top - one my husband "bought me" for Xmas...


  1. I am so jealous, you have such a sexy belly, still have a pinch of fat going around my.. "sigh".. I must work out harder and cut portion size again...

    I never knew how hard it was to get back into shape the second time I broke my knee = ( Well, um.. you look fabulous!

  2. very nice. and a bargain at $275.

  3. ironically i'm watching the episode of Sex and the City where Miranda gets into her skinny jeans!

    you look great lady!

  4. JAYSES, If, as you say your stomach isnt that flat then they are magical jeans.What are they made of? Unicorn hair?
    You look amazing. I would still need a lie down after paying $250 even with the conversion. In fact, I would need a lie down to zip them up...

  5. GJ: You are too sweet. Seriously, it's not exercise, it's $$$ jeans :-) And you keep at it. I know you're doing the good work to regain your fitness!

    D.: You devil! :-)

    Monkey: Coming from a licensed doctor, that's high praise :-)

    ReRe: Why thank you! And I loved that episode!!

    WendyB: Go get 'em. They go with those new boots :-)

    Andrea: So nice to see you here. And thank you!

    Seeker: They aren't your sex pot pleather pants, but they're close :-)

    Hammie: You win comment of the day. Hands down. I believe, they are 5% unicorn hair. And 2% lycra :-)

  6. Oh, and sorry I haven't been commenting so much lately - I read all your posts :), but am struggling to find time to visit all my favourite blogs at the moment. Hopefully things will calm down soon! I always look forward to reading what you have to say. :D

    A xx

  7. hi!i think there's nothing wrong for showing up your belly!=) at least you have a nice shape.

  8. You look FINE too lady! I'm a firm believer of that jeans' black magic.

  9. This looks truly awesome :).

  10. Crap, I never thought I'd be tempted by $250 jeans ... but those are AMAZING.

  11. Andrea: Pls. do - and no worries about commenting. I know you are super occupied. I just meant that it's nice when you have a chance to!

    Summer: Why thank you!

    Songy: It's the one instance of black magic to which I subscribe :-)

    Thanks Nadine!

    Sal: I know. It's amazing what good tailoring can accomplish :-)

    Tanya: Soopathankyou.