Monday, February 23, 2009

Lazy Sunday

You know the saying youth is wasted on the young. Well, as my friend Hilly has been known to opine, "Fuck that shit. It's freedom that's wasted on the free."

And I'm inclined to agree.

One of the truly excellent outcomes of being someone's parent is that I will never take a moment of leisure for granted again. Every stolen minute of "time to think my own thoughts" is preceded with a sigh of gratitude. Every quiet meal (i.e., one during which no one asks me, all smart-aleky, what kind of creature corn forms the ears of), an opportunity to relish silence.

It goes without saying (though I appear to be saying it) that my daughter is a delight whom I am happy to talk to, learn from and eat with much of the time. But man, I enjoy my own company.

On Sunday, Scottie and M went to visit his parents in Oakville. Here's a shot of my delicious dinner alone:

Wait, you want a closeup??

Some of the items are hard to identify from the photo, so here's the menu:
  • Warm water in the mug (neutral)
  • Some kind of red wine from the Valentine's dinner party - I threw out the bottle (for umami)
  • Green apple (for sweet and tart)
  • BBQ brown rice crisps (for salt and crunch)
  • Sun dried tomatoes (for salt and tart)
  • Applewood smoked cheddar (for umami)
  • Sahale Snacks Ksar mix: pumkin seeds, pistachios, sesame seeds, dried figs, honey, harissa (for sweet and spice)


  1. Seems a dinner I could eat!!!
    And I love lazzy days, I've not had one seems for ages.

    Enjoy your time dear.


  2. I am taking your message and I am going to do my best to appreciate your freedom. Your dinner looks lovely and strangely liberating. I am singing a little George Michael to myself, "Freedom!!!"

  3. p.s. Come on over, I gave you a little award.:-)xo

  4. Such balance. My version of this enjoy-my-alone-time dinner would likely be two large orders of fries. ;)

  5. That is absolute truth. Leisure time, quiet time, alone time, it's all so precious. Although, I wouldn't give up the kids for more...most days.

  6. You telling me that you didn't raid the fridge after having this tiny dinner?

  7. Oh, believe me, I appreciate every second of my biokid-free freedom!

  8. Oh boy, I feel like such a pig because I just ate a midnight snack the size of your dinner!

  9. Seeker: It was totally veg friendly!

    Bel: I love that song. I imagine all the models when I sing it in my head :-) And thanks so much for the Sister award. That's a special one indeed!

    Sal: Don't think I don't have the full bag of oven fries dinner on occasion. Followed by ice cream.

    Stacey: When was the last time you had dinner by yourself? I imagine it was quite some time ago :-)

    E: Takes 10 minutes to put together. Delish and practical!

    Songy: LOL. I did have a second bowl of chips (same size) a while later. And I ate this at 5:30. So at 8 pm I had a serving of ice cream with berries. Not the whole carton, which I would have preferred.

    D.: Ha!

    Wendy: I know you do. You hang at the parties with Hollywood royalty and get stalked by label owners at the gym.

    Y: You are the slimmest mini ever. No doubt you needed those calories for energy :-) Wait till you hit my age...

  10. More menu suggestons:

  11. D.: I've seen this. It's horrifying, no? (In a really enjoyable way, somehow.)

  12. here here K-line, although I don't have a little one but if you count those which are furry, well I never eat in peace..

    This dish looks like fab nibs to me. But you know I would shower it with Mayo.. what the hell is wrong with me..

  13. GJ: A puppy panting for your food can be so irritating. I know. And with your cooking, I bet you get no peace! Mayo can be good for you. Hey, it's not chocolate!

  14. Every bit looks delicious. I can practically taste the tart apple and cheddar and sun dried tomato in my mouth now! Scrumptious!