Monday, January 26, 2009

You Gotta Read This

For those of us stymied by nostalgic melancholy, this is an apt and spectacular piece of writing. You will thank me.


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  2. That is a beautiful piece. Thanks for directing me to it. My own boy is quickly approaching his projected six feet four inch adult height.

    Today I am reeling from the discovery this weekend that Suzanne Horne of Liquid Illuzion killed herself over last month. It is almost too much to bear that such a lovely woman,writer, artist, mother would make that extreme choice.


  3. Thanks rotten girl! I look awesome first thing in the morning, all crying and snotty... ;)

  4. K-line thanks for showing us this link, I've never seen her blog before and now I'm a follower. Have a great day!

  5. It sure is K-line... = ) Thanks for sharing.

  6. I'll check it, thanks K* for sharing

  7. D.: I'm not familiar with Liquid Illuzion but that is indeed a tragedy.

    E: Tell me what you think when you do...

    Tanya: Isn't it incisively brutal??

    Bel: It's a good kind of crying!

    Stacey: You made mine by posting it. Thank you for such a beautiful piece.

    Cybill: You're welcome. She's that good every day.

    GJ and Seeker: You are more than welcome.