Monday, January 5, 2009

I Warned You

Welcome to Holiday Loot Theme Week, the latest in my highly-entertaining, if gimmicky, series. If you are one of those people who hates to be forced into looking at other people's new stuff, I can only ask you why you are reading this blog in the first place :-)

Since I'm approaching 2009 with an aim to be ever-more conscious about acquisition, I may not be able to continuously bombard you with "this week's new such-and-such". Don't worry, this is not a ban and I have no pre-conceived notions about how it will progress. Point is, I feel the need to maximize my gifties for the eye-candy they are, IMO.

So let's debut with my new Ralph Lauren bedding, courtesy of my parents:

It's a bit hard to tell in this shot but the sheets are sage green and the duvet and some pillows are white. It's the same colour bedding I've had for 10 years, to be honest. But I really like the gentle tone. And it goes well with the walls which are - gasp - vaguely pink. But not ugly, I swear.

Interesting things to note: Those throw pillows are the same ones my parents had on their bed 30 years ago. They're vintage! And the lamps, which come on when you touch any of the metal, were bought 10 years ago at Home Depot. For 10.99 each! Fuck Elle Decor. That's what I say. :-)


  1. Love it! Will have to post a picture of our bed too...

  2. Looking at this is making me sleepy. Can I bring my cats over for a nap?

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  4. Damn girl, you have the great decorating taste, but then again I would expect no less from the hottest most stylish woman in Toronto, and maybe even the whole of North America.

  5. Gorgeous! Those are my dream colours for bedding. Ours is currently dark purple, which works well with the copious shedded fur of our black cat. Your room is lovely.

  6. Gorgeous - and so clean and tidy - beside our bed are towers of books waiting to be read!

  7. Great bed, darling and so well decorated.
    How nice the pillows are the same, so great :)


  8. It's so pretty and restful, and I know I always say this when you show your house, but it looks so grown-up and pulled together! I love bright colours so our bedroom is full of raspberry and turquoise and egg yolk yellow and tangerine and that sort of thing - the opposite end of the spectrum.

  9. Okay .. Miss what is the tread count.. haha I painstakingly make my bed every day.. but isn't it nice to crawl into a nicely made bed.. And RL, I love their sheet and bedding diversity!!

  10. very nice. We went with a putty (light pink undertone) and very light green accent with our kitchen remodel.

  11. OK, T, I'm headed over there after I reply to these comments!

    Sal: But of course!

    Monkey: Ha! I knew I'd beat out Tanya on hottest woman in TO :-) Damn, now she's gone to post her bed and I'm sure it's all over again!

    Thanks Andrea! It wouldn't be ideal with a dark cat, I agree. Purple is very sexy.

    Thanks Imogen. It's easy for me since I haven't read a book in years! (Just joking - but really have fallen out of the habit since all my free hours are spent blogging.)

    Thanks Seeker!

    Skye: You are so sweet to say that. I'm so trying to seem grown up so I'm glad it's working! :-) I love bright colours too, but they tend to liven me up (not best for sleep for me). In the southern hemi I bet they are even better!

    GJ: I knew someone would ask me that and I've thrown away the packaging! It's nice though. Swearsies.

    D. So you see the allure of this colour combo. It would be great in a kitchen!

  12. A nicely made bed is so welcoming. Good on you! It looks terrific.

  13. Lovely boudoir! And, it looks very relaxing and tranquil.
    p.s. "Fuck Elle Decor" is my favorite line of the day.

  14. That is brilliant. The trick is to get the ideas from the mags but to find alternatives to the expensive products etc.
    And Fuck Elle Dec is the line of the year.

  15. "That is brilliant. The trick is to get the ideas from the mags but to find alternatives to the expensive products etc. "


  16. that looks sooooo beautiful! :)

    La C.

  17. Hey, looks gorgeous and I love your blog. Excellent writing and witty comments. As interior decorator I will giveyou some advice, move the black picture further to the right (my side) so it is centered over the table, then move the cetre picture into the centre. Flip the pillows on their backs and centre each of those small pillows in the middle of the regular pillows and you have yourself an Elle Decor shot.

  18. What the....why don't I have magic lamps too?!?!

  19. Such symmetry!
    My mother-in-law has the magic lamps and the kids never tire of whacking them on and off.

  20. your room is so relaxing and pretty, i'm jealous!

  21. Miss C: Thank you!

    Bel and GT: Secretly, that line was a thrill to write! So glad you both can relate :-)

    La C: Thanks so much...

    Anonymous: I very much appreciate your feedback! Just fyi, the reason I hung the pics where they are - and I agree they are not optimally positioned esp. given their size and shape - is because the walls are very old plaster. We're really concerned about putting new holes in the wall given its propensity to crack and put seams down the wall. But I love all of your suggestions and I will certainly do the pillows right away. I feel so special to get free interiors advice! Thanks again.

    Wendy: Maybe when you win the blog contest you will treat yourself with some magic lamps :-)

    Janet: Until Wendy called them that, I didn't even know that was their proper name!

    Maggie: Thank you, but no jealousy necessary. Post some pics of your room and we can do a mutual admiration society!

  22. I just want to fall and sleep on that bed.