Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This Post Contains Photos of Me Wearing Fur...

Thanks for disregarding it if fur is not your thing.

My husband suggested that the lewd shot of my chest might distract you from the dead animal. Unless you like the vest, in which case, please ignore my tits...

My friend Sandra - the one who buys fantastic gifts - has a great eye for things that go together without matching. She's the one who suggested neon yellow with the fur...


  1. You look hot. And fur is a good choice for the insane cold we're having today.

  2. Very pretty. It goes with your smile!

  3. And I would add that the fox is not so much going with your shirt as it is complementing your own fur and skin.

  4. That is the most perfect fur vest I have ever seen, it's exactly what I've been looking for! Is this something you recently bought or have you had it lying around? Regardless, it suits you and the burgundy lips well, so please pull this item out more often! <3

  5. Deeply, DEEPLY jealous. It's utterly gorgeous. And damn, so are you!

  6. Haha - you guys are too funny. I'm on the fence about fur. I think if you get it vintage, then it seems ok vs. buying it new? Don't know? But I do like the way it looks on you!

  7. Ok I don't do real fur it still makes me feel a bit odd but I wouldn't stop anyone from wearing it so I did peek and I must say mighty fine cleavage indeed!

  8. The fur works well with the highlights in your hair too, as well as the yellow.

  9. I don't have a problem with fur, but the cleavage distracted me anyway!

  10. You look gorgeous and the combo with the vest and the top is great!!!
    I love fur... faux fur :)


  11. I couldn't find the right word to say how great you look, but it seems my word verification "word" might do:


  12. Gorgeous vest. Sandra gave a great suggestion pairing it with the yellow.

  13. I definitely do not have a problem with fur. 'Tho I really don't like the vintage ones with faces and feet - they just look weird. Love this vest. The yellow is nice, I think it would also look good with all black.

  14. YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!I love this outfit. I love all of it and I love how you look like you feel.

  15. It looks *amazing*, especially with the yellow.

  16. Very decadent and sexy. Talking about the fur, of course!

  17. The yellow really works with that vest! Lovely.

  18. Great colour for the vest, I have to agree. I cannot ignore the tits. They are sexy. :p

  19. Raven: Why thank you. And it has been remarkably practical this winter.

    D: Thank you. I do try to match the pelts :-)

    Monique: Thanks so much for your comment. I just bought it recently at Rudsak (Toronto). It was on sale, actually, for 200 bucks. Very good deal I think.

    Sal: Thank you for loving it. And you can have one too. As soon as you get back to the 10 bucks a week deal I know you're going to be able to thrift something foxy :-)

    Diana: Thanks. This is the first new fur I've ever bought. The rest has all been vintage. So I hear you about the ambivalence. It just called to me so loud I had to buy it. And it's so incredibly warm, as it's being chic, I can't say I regret it.

    Kate: I'm glad the boobs distracted you :-)

    Imogen: I know. Isn't it a happy accident? Sometimes throwing stuff together yields good looks!

    Wendy: So my evil plan has worked.

    Thanks Seeker! Your (faux) fur vest got the ball rolling for me.

    E: Oooh, I'm fluxious! I love that. Thank you so much for this lovely compliment. :-)

    Thanks Y. Sandra did really have a super idea here. It also looks good with the new orange scarf she got me in Istanbul.

    Tessa: I tried all black too and I do think it's a very chic combo. Thanks.

    Bel: Thank you. I do feel rather foxy lady in it. It's not a look if you don't want to be stared at!

    Thank you Ambika!

    Stacey: Of course. No impropriety implied :-) And I loved your baby bump photo this week. You really are looking so compact and adorable.

    THank you Miss C. It's the edgy prim thing again!

    Why thank you Songy. I'm blushing.

    Mattie: If only I'd owned this when I did our montage! Next performance art piece, it will play a role. And you get comment of the day, thank yoU! :-)