Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One Skirt, Two Looks - More or Less

Remember this?

I know, you haven't been able to get it out of your mind...

Well, Lovelies, here it is in action:

Club Monaco skirt with Franco Sarto flats and Tneck from Wal-Mart @1999

Yeah, the Tneck was bought in a moment of financial restriction, many years ago at the (then less reviled) Wal-Mart. Like, it predates H&M and Zara and I still wear it 3x a month. And when it's dirty I throw it in the machine and dryer! Sometimes you just can't get too-judgey with the disposable fashion.

If I wait for the pink tights in which I threatened to debut this look, it's likely you won't see it till next year. So I'm working the pale leg.

Oh, and I decided to get "experimental" with this Space FB boyf cardi I bought for a third of the regular price, off-season, last summer in Mtl. That means I'm wearing it backwards like the kids.


  1. Love it backwards! Although it does put me in mind of Kris Kross. But just for a sec. ;)

  2. I am still cracking up at your Canadian post.. you sexy vixen you... is that kiss for me? hehe

    Cuteness aside. You brought this outfit together so well..

  3. oh.. is that a adkwards sweater? "wink"

  4. Extra sexy!

    I like the lips/skirt highlights in the outfit.

  5. D.: I wonder how fast you could learn Italian :-)

    Wendy: I thought you might like it!

    E: Thanks E!

    Sal: You had to say it :-)

    GJ: I'm glad the weather post has legs :-) You know I like to go crazy with the avant garde ways of wearing things!

    Thanks Skye! That lipstick is very popular...

    Thanks Miss C: And the material is even more interesting than the shape.

    Thanks Janet! I've been thinking of you.

  6. What a beautiful skirt... it has an awesome color.