Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This Was An Early Gift

A while ago, the most stylish and instructive blogger, Sal, sent me a beautiful care package. Among other fantastic offerings, she managed to send me one of my fave necklace/earring sets ever:

What you can't tell from the photo (which really doesn't do it justice) is that the silver pendant sits perfectly below my collar bone and the clasp - the amazing clasp - is magnetic! I struggle with heavy necklaces because my shoulders tend to respond by seizing up and giving me neck pain. But this one is light as a feather, and yet very "there". I rarely wear earrings because I find them busy next to my small face and glasses. These, however, are just right. Not overwhelming but nicely noticeable.

Of course, it doesn't surprise me that Sal owned these beautiful items. But that she would have intuited how well they'd work on me is further proof of her excellent stylist-abilities. And I am so grateful she sent them so that I can feel beautiful every time I put them on. Thank you Sal!

Christmas came early, this year.


  1. How wonderful of Sal to send you these lovelies! I can imagine them on you now . . . but a photo would be better!

  2. Hurrah! I'm SO glad these pieces are finding new life with you. You are most welcome, my gorgeous friend. ;)

  3. Very sweet of Sal. They are lovely pieces and will be brilliant on you.

  4. I *third* the "lovely" comment--both the jewels and the gesture.

  5. it looks really cool. Lucky you;)

  6. This is beautiful K-line... it really is.. I hope you are well.. feeling better? My cold is getting better.. bit by bit...

  7. Presents which are so spot on are the best thing!

  8. Sal is just an angel :)
    The pieces are great and I can imagine how great they'll be on you, but like enc I think a picture will be better... ;)

    Thank you so much for your understanding, you’re sweet and lovely.
    I’m not going to disappear, I’m just not appearing so many times a week.


  9. Hey E: I agree. Promise there will be some clothing posts soon. Just have to get some time - and the photog, who's been kind of on his sickbed lately :-)

    Sal: Seriously, I love these pieces. I think of you each time I wear them!

    Bel: They are understated but so suit my personality! (Not that I'm understated, particularly, but you know what I mean...)

    Thank you Miss C!

    Atelier: Aren't I?!

    GJ: Glad to hear you are improving. I'm on the mend here too - feeling more like myself. And my husband has really turned the corner back on the road to wellness, thank goodness!

    Skye: They're kismet, really!

    Seeker: I will post photos soon, promise. And you take time to enjoy yourself outside the realm of the blogosphere. It's necessary!