Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Not Anatomically Correct

This guy gives a whole new meaning to the term "mannequin" :-)

It's truly amazing what kind of shit you see walking through the Annex on a Tuesday afternoon. Sorry for the photo quality; cell phones at dusk don't really do things justice.

(PS I realize my posts have been less than fulsome lately. I figure it's better to communicate with minimalism than not at all, and between the lingering cough and a crazy work schedule, it's going to take me a few more days to realize some nascent - albeit juicy - ideas.)


  1. Ken would be so jealous, no wonder Barbie left him!

    Hope you're feeling better soon dear!

    xx Kit

  2. Why, hello there!

    My word verification is "foxins," by the way.

  3. Good thing he's got that hat. He'd be SO COLD otherwise.

    Feel better, lady. I hate to think of you suffering!

  4. Years ago I lived in a share house where we had a "pet" mannequin. We tortured the poor guy, painted him silver, he lost an arm - the usual. For ages he lived on our upstairs balcony in a sort of Heil Hitler position, and it was amazing how many people waved at him every day. Even though his abs were nowhere near as good!

  5. Maybe he's just really cold and everything has been sucked up into his body!

  6. WHAT THE.... was the first thing I thought upon opening your blog

  7. Oy vey--at least his abs draw my eye up . . .

    My word verification is remed. Perhaps this chap needs some medical attention (again?)!

  8. LOL, so funny.
    Hope you're feeling better gorgeous K*


  9. Bahaha, I'm glad you're back too!

  10. They should have given him a towel or something. Poor guy looks cold an withdrawn.

  11. Dang, I feel like I just cheated on Mr.OM!

  12. Ms. U: Hilarious!

    D.: Also hilarious - but undoubtedly untrue :-)

    WendyB: I actually crossed the street to have a look at the boy bits...

    Sal: LOL! And, yes, I'm finally starting to feel better. Thank you!

    Skye: It does not suprise me at all that you would have had a pet mannequin in university. :-)

    Imogen: Here's hoping.

    Megan: Sorry if I shocked you :-)

    Miss C: The abs were truly excellent!

    Thanks Seeker and E8!

    Bel: I don't think he would have had the same, um, audience impact that way. :-)

    E: It's looking, not cheating. Repeat after me!