Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Animal Magnetism 2

More Lookbook fabulousness:

Could this woman have put herself together more elegantly? The drape of the sleeves, the swing of the skirt, the knit vest a nod to this beautiful woman's obvious modernity... And can you get over the lady-bow?


  1. Oooh so pretty! Animal print looks horrible on me so gorgeous photos like this make me so envious!

  2. Wow. I want to BE her.

  3. Anything with a bow is all right by me.

  4. OH GOSH I'm so jealous....
    Not a good feeling!!!

    She's gorgeous!!


  5. Very cute - but so wouldn't work on the big busted, short waisted woman like me!

  6. Lost my last attempt--probably cuz this is off topic.

    But here's a question for the nutrition goddess (you!): What's the difference between feeling hungry and weak and fainty due to low blood sugar and feeling hungry with hunger pangs but still feeling physically strong? Both feelings are a reminder to eat, but in what different ways?

  7. I can see you in that. and you too would look fantastically elegant( as always).

  8. I always like to see loads o' leopard.

  9. Yes, this dress is awesome, as is the lighting and photography - beautiful :)

  10. Ms. U: Maybe you just think it looks horrible :-) Embrace your inner animal!

    Sal, Janet and Monkey: It's the serenity of the pose that really calls to me...

    ... And the swirl pose too, Kate!

    Andrea: I have an exciting bow related post coming up sometime soon.

    Seeker: You could totally rock this look!

    Imogen: I share your perspective :-) But we can dream.

    Miss C: As mentioned in our emails, exciting food post to come. I swear!

    Bel: I'd love to look as gorgeous in this but that top is hard with the boobs! Thank you though.

    Wendy: I knew you would approve.

    Jenn: Isn't the lighting terrific!

  11. This is so elegant and pulled together. I never knew animal print could look so classy.

  12. Rebecca: It's so true. It's very soft. Not agressive in that animal print way.

    E: Don't you love her serene facial expression?

  13. You know I'm all over this....Where is it from K?

  14. Karen: I totally thought of you. The photo is from a flickr pool called lookbook.nu. Check it out.