Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Have Travel Kit. Will Travel. Soon, I hope...

I'm going a bit bonkers here lately. Work has been rather non-stop (though interesting). Parenting is an ongoing marathon - and I feel like I'm staunchly holding off some kind of metaphoric stress fracture. The weather, well you know how that's been. The flu, recently departed from our home, has left us all feeling down. While I did not succumb, I appear to be struggling against a sore throat and achies. Which is why I slept till noon. Despite all the things going on at work. (Stress, go away!)

And you know that Jan. 19 is considered to be the most miserable day of the year. Apparently, Jan. 19, 2009 may go down as the most depressing day in history.

That seems a little harsh, yes? Especially since Jan. 20, 2009 was the most hopeful day I can remember in a long time...

So here's the thing. I want a vacation. (Odds are, I actually need a vacation, in that soft, middle-class, bourgeois way that people like me need costly idle time.)

I want to wake up in a beautiful boutique hotel. I want gorgeous breakfast and awesome espresso and booze at noon and 3-hour sex and temporary parent-free living and shopping without concern for the next responsibility or a care about how much something costs. And a great concert or exhibit or restaurant. I want to spend 40 bucks on artisanal chocolate and then eat it all in 20 minutes. I want a few hours to download new tunes onto the iPod.

I'm fucking sick of the weather and hardship and snow that hovers on slush until it freezes again and becomes a safety hazard. And pleasing people. And staving off stupid winter sickness.

So, I bought this:

More to the point, I exchanged the very reasonably priced glass necklace my husband gave me for Xmas (too heavy, after all) for this obscenely expensive makeup bag by Stephanie Johnson.

But look at how modular and practical it is! Everything detaches and reattaches so incredibly intelligently. And the photos don't show it, but it's a beautiful mint green and brown and orange combo called Tribeca.

It's an official sign to the universe that I've got to have a vacay soon. One that sees someone else looking after my kid while it happens. Now all I've got to do is watch and wait. I'll keep you posted.


  1. I can offer you to join us in San Diego...we'll be there for five weeks and we've rented a house, so there's plenty of room. Let's discuss.

  2. "Apparently, Jan. 19, 2009 may go down as the most depressing day in history."

    I did pretty good Monday (I ate Chorizo y Huevos for lunch for the first time), it snowed Monday night, and work and school was called off. Today is another snow day for the kids so I am working at home and making amazing progress. If 19 Jan was the emotional nadir of 2009, then this year will RAWK!

  3. Of course, that's not to say that I don't sympathize. It's just that this week was supposed to be a marathon work week until the snow fell. It could have been much worse.

    I hope you get your respite.

  4. A great way to give a big hint to the Universe! I'd demand you come to MN for this vacation ... but it's just about the same, weather-wise.

  5. A well organized bag is always a delight. Good choice.

    I was feeling tres stressed on Monday too, with three children home from school on holiday but with me teaching all morning and directing a play that night. Perhaps that accounts for my midday meltdown . . .?

  6. Tanya: You really are the glamour lady! BTW, I'm home sick for the second day. I think our weekend plan may get derailed again - though I'm not cancelling. I will get better by tomorrow. Or Friday at the latest.

    D.: Now I know exactly where you live. In the same crazy town where 2 inches of snow called of school for my sister (a teacher) and her kids. She sent me a photo of the children making snow angels and the ground was freakin' green! :-) And respite seems to be coming for me despite myself. I really want to feel better now. I'm a terrible sick person.

    Sal: I don't even care about your weather! It's my own weather I can't stand :-) And, besides, I have all the gear to be toasty. How's your coffee? :-)

    Miss C: OK, your situation there sounds very tense! Is your eldest daughter a helper (I hope)? Midday meltdowns suck, on the one hand, and do the trick, on the other. Hope today is better.

  7. I think I jut heard the universe saying that you should take your vacation to L.A.( the universe and my voice can be hard to distinguish for me;-) I will happily bribe you with gourmet chocolates if that will motivate you to come to my town.

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  9. Nothing makes me more happier than things organized!!! Seriously.

    Gourmet chocolates...ahh.. V-day is just around the corner.. would you care to join me for some "lost in translation" here in Tokyo... I can put you up for a few days? haha

  10. Ah yes I vote for boutique hotel too! And what a great swap very cool indeed, shame necklace was too heavy but the make up bag is all pleasure!

  11. I had a similar toiletries bag to that which I brought through Heathrow (it was in the stolen bag) and the security guys passed it - we have to have clear bags with 100ml bottles in case some terrorist tries to hijack the flight with hair gel. - so good choice K.

    (still looking for replacement *sobs*)


  12. KK, if it takes you twenty minutes to eat any chocolate, then you are a rookie. You need to skip the vacation and go to Chocolate-Consumption Training Camp.


  13. Bel: I would love to come visit and stop off at Enc's and Sister Wolf's and all the other amazing bloggers that hail from your part of the world. Thank you for your generous invitation. (Let me work on it!)

    GJ: My husband would kill to go to Japan. You better watch what you comment or we might be there for a month :-)

    MDS: Thank you!

    Hammie: The loss of a good travel bag is terrible. I didn't realize you'd had some luggage stolen. Soooo sorry to hear that. What a violation!

    E: You will comment of the day. Fo sho. :-)