Thursday, January 15, 2009

They're Called Beauty Marks, OK?

This is a post for all the mole-y girls.

It won't surprise you that this is a shot taken at Sandra's recent NYE party in Paris.

At my next dinner party, I'm so going strapless with a Find the Brie Treasure Map.


  1. Let me know when and if you post any strapless photos of yourself. I swear I'll use the pictures for good and not evil.

  2. That is so funny - I would be a strapless gal too!

  3. Is that the big dipper or the little dipper?

  4. Hah! I wonder what could be made from connecting my personal set of dots ... I'm thinking an owl. Or maybe a sandwich. Or possibly a portrait of Liam Neeson.

    It's possible that I need a nap.

  5. Connect all my moles together and you'd get a map of the entire milky way galaxy. and then some.

  6. Monkey: You'll be the first to know :-)

    Diana: Isn't it hilarious?!

    Bel: You ask all the hard questions!

    Sal: Your comment is hysterical. You have to show us the pic of Liam Neeson. Seriously.

    Thanks Design Dig. And thanks for reading!

    Seeker: I totally agree.

    Skye: That is because you don't do anything in half measures! :-)

    E: It's funny cuz it's true...