Monday, January 19, 2009

This Was the Deal of the Century

Be assured, I'll wear it into the ground!

I got this shirt dress a couple of months ago at Club Monaco for $18.00 (on mega crazy sale plus 30% off plus 30% off things that were already on sale and 30% off). Originally it was $120.00. Of course, it's summer wear - hence the amazing discount - but, honestly, I couldn't wait till spring to premier it. This fucking winter has been so depressing and bundled. I feel the need to remind you all that I have upper arms...

I feel a little antipodean doing this crazy summer-like post!

The dress has actually got excellent drape, which isn't coming across fantastically in these shots and it's very curvy-girl slimming. With heels, as shown, or my red gladiator flats, it will go from work to play, day to night. And it's practically a Skye-style bargain.


  1. I find my perception of cold is often a state of mind.

    you look marvelous.

  2. $18 now that is a deal.. Voom Voom K-line... for some reason I just visioned you in this dress with Teal pumps.. I bought a dress just the other day.. great deal, black dress but more summer...

  3. Woo hoo! What a fantastic bargain, and a style that looks marvelous on you.

  4. Lovely deal!!! Good find and an amazing price. You look fantastically saucy in it. I say do red heels for extra sauce and sass.

  5. What a bargain! That's the kind of thing I would get, then I'd do $100 of alterations to it. But it would still be $2 below the original cost ;-)

  6. Careful when calling oneself antipodean. It can also mean bipolar!
    Or perhaps that was your intent.

  7. This dress was made for you.

    Could you layer a t-neck or something under it to make it winter-wearable?

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  9. Cute dress. You'd be very sensibly dressed for the days here right now.

  10. D. Thank you! State of mind - and neglecting to wear turtleneck :-)

    GJ: Teal pumps. Oooh, sounds great. The ones I'm wearing are actually royal blue. So not far from your imagining!

    Sal and Miss C: Thank you so much!

    Bel: Oh, red shoes would be great!

    Wendy: Hilarious! I won't do that. I've done it in the past and now I say, perfect for 18 bucks or I walk. Which is why this happens to me once in a blue moon :-)

    Dave: I didn't know that!

    E: That's a terrific suggestion. I just got this super skinny one (on sale from Club M, what a surprise!) so I'm going to try it and I'll let you know.

    Thanks Monkey and Nadine!

    Lavender: That's what I figured. I could use some of that weather right now.

    Tanya: You always say the right thing! :-)

  11. that dress looks darn good on you lady.

  12. Great dress and extra great bargain - I'll have to get my bargain-hunting mojo on to compete!

    Shirt dresses are great though, since they never go out of style.

  13. GT and ~h: Thank you so much!

    Skye: Ha. I notice you've been slacking lately :-) I know, the shirt dress is a forever staple. And this fabric (slim jersey) has really good drape.

  14. What a steal, it looks fab too! You and Skye must be stealing all my good-bargain-finding-luck! ;)

  15. Ms. U: Don't blame me - I'm not half as good as Skye! Let's blame her altogether :-)