Monday, January 12, 2009

Too Much Snow

Three weeks ago, this would have amused me.


  1. Maybe that snow man's smile needs to be turned into a frown? Sick of snow? Come visit L.A.!!!:-)

  2. Sunny and warm here. Crossing fingers for a snowstorm sometime before April.

  3. Mmmm. As I peer out at the flakes that stream relentlessly down, I must agree.

  4. Poor guy will melt eventually!

  5. Oh I know, Sister is also complaining...
    Hope you'll get better, at least warmer, weather.


  6. Winter is dead to me. Am trying to break up with snow.

  7. What are the ingredients in that snowman? I can't tell.

  8. The snow, yes, sick of it as well. It is the prospect of minus 17 on Thursday, minus 28 with the wind chill, that sends me racing for the travel brochures.


  9. you are so utterly funny.. Snow.. darn it keeps trying still may not see it here till March.. = ( CUTE snow person... (is that PC)?

  10. That's amusing me. It was 100 degrees yesterday. I haven't seen snow for years.

  11. Bel: LA sounds perfect right now!!

    D.: Which city are you in? Don't hope for snow. Remember, whatever falls has to melt.

    E: Now I want to smack that snow face to smithereens! (Not very loving, I realize.)

    Sal: You see, my former winter good mood was just a pre-Xmas fluke.

    Skye: In frickin' April!

    Thanks Seeker!

    Tanya: Snow is like that guy you needed to get the restraining order over.

    Wendy: No Cadbury's! I think snow peas for eyebrows, carrots for eyes, cabbage for mouth and some weird tree castoff for the nose.

    Dave: Please don't remind me!

    GJ: Very PC! :-)

    Songy: No bragging allowed.

  12. And here's me making a new years resolution to see snow for the very first time! You lucky kids :D

  13. "D.: Which city are you in? Don't hope for snow. Remember, whatever falls has to melt."

    I live in the Southern US (mid atlantic). When it snows here, we usually see it only for a few hours. And since we are dependent on tropical storms for our H2O and winters are usually dry, we are grateful for any moisture in the non-storm season.


  14. D.: My parents and sister live in Charlotte. It has the most perfect weather in the world, as far as I'm concerned.