Friday, January 2, 2009

Giving You the Smokey Eye

OK, I meant to show you some "real pictures" of my NYE forays into the world of makeup, but my husband is horrendously sick and was not up to being my photog last night. Turns out, my father got - and still has - this really, really terrible bug and then my mother got it and now Scott has it and it's actually rather scary. I've never seen my husband like this... (Update: He just advised that he believes it is the flu. Flu is serious, you know.) It's like 2008 had to get in one last dig.

Of course, if you know me and you know anything about my legendary germ-phobia, you might imagine I'd be paralyzed with fear right now. I mean, I am forcing my child to put on hand-sanitizer (organic lavender, thank you) every 10 minutes and no one is allowed to touch knobs of any sort, but I'm holding it together. I'm sure you're very relieved for me :-) What a strange holiday it's been.

But I can see this post is going to be like an episode of the Simpson's, starting out on one topic and meandering to 12 others before the denouement.

For starters, meet the smokey eye:

My hands really are that huge, in case you were wondering.

Let me say that it took me 15 minutes to put on the eyes - it was my third time ever, the other two having occurred in the last 10 days. Theretofore, I had only ever worn mascara, when I can be bothered, which is either all the time or never. I actually think I have talent. Just putting on liquid eyeliner is hardcore. When I revealed my look to my friend, Sandra, with whom I was spending the evening outside of the zone of sickness (yes, I left a sick person at home. But you have to understand it was free babysitting on NYE!), her first question was: Why didn't you do the bottom lid?

Um, I didn't know you're supposed to do the bottom lid. I skip over the makeup part in fashion mags.

So she advised that you need to put shadow on the bottom too - and mascara?!? - and she lent me her Dior palette, which I would ordinarily never share but I'd had a glass of wine and I was feeling bad ass. And I updated the bottom lid and I looked smokier!

Update: Sandra called me this morning to advise that she's got an eye infection in both eyes. Seriously. And I don't know if I gave it to her. But so far I'm good. Could 2009 be the year I dodge the flu and makeup-sharing induced eye inflammation???

I told you this post was going to be all over the map.

The punchline is about how I came by the makeup. Well, peeps, I'm an influencer. As I'm sure you know, this means I've been contacted by a third-party agency to "try out and speak about" a particular product. In this case, the product is L'Oreal Paris Double Extension Beauty Tubes Mascara. BTW, I am under no obligation to talk about it. And, should I decide to talk, I can say whatever I like.

I've decided to talk. Influentially. But I think I should save it for the next email. Cuz if I were you, still reading this, I'd probably need to make dinner by now.


  1. Would you hate me if I admitted it wasn't your eye I was looking at in those pictures?

  2. I am SO glad to hear that I'm not the only one who skips over the makeup parts of fashion mags. I love you, K, my relatively-makeup-ignorant friend. (Of course, if you asked me to do a smoky eye, I'd probably rub some soot on my eyelids, so CLEARLY, you're still way ahead of me.)

  3. Okay, can I just love your face any more? Can you be more beautiful?! Even with your man hands!

    I only do mascara and am just learning eyeliner and shadow. I am willing to be your mannequin.

  4. Monkey: I know, you got distracted by the hands :-)

    Sal: I just cannot get into those tutorials. Like I have 15 minutes to smokify my eyes every morning?!?

    Tanya: What a fabulous compliment. I am blushing! I think, if you can do eyeliner that's pretty good. That's the hardest part, IMO!

  5. This is all over the map! I hope you dodge that nasty-sounding bug!

  6. Oh no! The flu is frightening alright. I would be avoiding it as well. Although it must have sucked for your husband to stay home on New Years Eve by himself. =/

    The smokey eye looks nice! The eye infection sounds crappy though. =(

  7. Sorry about the illnesses but .. nice eye!

  8. lol. I think the eyes turned out brilliantly! Liquid eyeliner is so hard to apply. I always opt for a light smudgy eye's easy, quick and never looks a mess by the end of the day because well, that's kind of how it started.

    Hope you stay healthy!!

  9. I received a package from Matchstick too. I've written my post but I'm yet to put it up. ps. I'm feeling a tad under the weather myself. seems like everyone (but you) is sick!

  10. Man Hands and all you are a hot vixen! The lip color is PERFECT and the eye color fabulous... you look great!!! I buy this Palette in Japan, and I use the smoky eye shadow (easier to apply) but I seriously CAN NOT use liquid eye liner nor FAKE lashes... and I am a make-up whore.

  11. I'm loving the "influencer" pun - given your husband's state health and all

    that was a pun, wasn't it?

    Influentially, speaking

  12. The smokey eyes are gorgeous but I'd also like to know what lipstick you are wearing. It is super lovely!!!

  13. K-Line-You do have a beautiful pair of ...

    hands. Yeah. That's what I meant. Hands. Yeah.

  14. Fingers crossed for you to avoid the nasty flu.

    I reckon if one wants to be good at any 'eyes' one's got to put that on everyday so that one can get better at it. I'm hopeless with eye makeup. Besides all that I haven't got the kind of eyes to put any colours.. if I ever do my eyes look like they have been punched a couple of times.

  15. You look so pretty! And I hope you manage to evade the flu.

    Happy new year, beautiful lady :)

    A xx

  16. Rebecca: I warned you! :-)

    Farren: OK, play on my guilt, why don't you! :-) You know, I seem to be dodging the eye infection. Knock wood.

    Wendy: Thanks!

    Thanks Maegan. I might try that smudgy eye too. The eyeliner is tricky, esp. if you are in a rush...

    Y: I can't wait to find out what you've written. And I so hope you are going to feel better. I'm working with a bit of exhaustion and fever right now. But I'm going to prevail - sleep, liquids, vitamins and good food will win the day!

    GJ: Me and my huge hands thank you! Now, of course, I want to give fake eyelashes a go. But only in a novelty fashion.

    GT: I considered lying and saying it was a pun, cuz that would be a smart one. But, alas, it's just coincidence. Please don't think worse of me...

    Monkey: Hahahaha! (I knew that's what you meant.)

    Songy: I always thought the same thing until I tried it and I was surprised by how fun and chic it was. The thing is, when you do it it looks very contrived (they not being your regular eyes). You just have to get over that because no one else notices.

    Andrea: Thank you and thank you! Can't wait to hear about your adventures!

  17. Hehe manhands, haven't heard that in a while. Meanwhile, as a fellow non-makeup wearer, big kudos on the eyeshadow, it looks great! I can never get one eyelid to match the other, so even when I do delve into the world of eye shadow, I tend to go pretty light just so it's not obvious how unskilled I am. It's probably still obvious mind you, but it makes me feel better, and I have definitely not yet mastered the smokey eye!

  18. Thanks Miss U! Getting both eyes to match is quite a job. It can go off the rails easily. Which is where starting over comes in :-)