Sunday, January 18, 2009


I thought that pun was cute, no?

You asked to see a couple of the new gifts in action, so here you go:


  1. Gorgeous dear!!! Simply sexy.

    Yes, my sister was afeccted too, but now it's all normal. I guess it's also for you.

    Take care darling.


  2. very cute! Good choice to keep the necklace.

  3. The top one is super pretty with that neckline. How's the weight of the piece feeling?

  4. Sex-ay! Well worth keeping, I'd say.

  5. Gorgeous! The necklace looks striking.

    Where is the shirt (or dress?) from?

  6. Looks really good. Try yoga to make the weight more tolerable ;)

  7. LOVE the clear necklace! And that top, too. Very chic.

  8. Love, love, love that pendant. So dramatic & so simple.

  9. The pendant looks fabulous especially with a low cut neck.. (I meant .. ah you know what I meant) hehe

  10. You could make a burlap sack look hot, KK.

  11. Beautiful, and the necklace ain't bad either.

  12. Thanks Seeker. And I'm glad to hear your sister's ok!

    F: I actually returned it yesterday (eeeek) and I'll let you know what I replaced it with soon.

    Thanks Miss C. The top is actually my cashmere scarf pretending to be a top. And the weight was just too much so I returned the piece. New post on this to come.

    Wendy: I returned it!!! Don't think I'm an idiot pls.

    Anon: Thanks! The top is really my navy cashmere scarf. And they say you can't do everything with a cashmere scarf :-)

    D.: You may not know this but I've been doing yoga for 20 years. I used to teach Iyengar. And yet, my neck is princess-y. Comes from the type A personality, methinks.

    Thank you, Right Bank!

    Thanks GT!

    Ambika: Thanks! I imagine you might make something like this...

    GJ: I got you. And thank you!

    Oh E, I'm blushing! Thank you so much. Remember Lady Melbourne's garbage bag as dress post? She really made that garbage bag look chic.

    Monkey: Ahhh (uttered with dipthong). I really appreciate your lovely compliment M.

  13. I LOVE Iyengar! And Ashtanga, and Power, and Bikram, and Anasura, and Kripaluy, and Kali Ray....

    You might say I am into eclecticism.

    Twenty years? Impressive. Then there is no hope. I guess you will have to go strapless the rest of your life. Our gain.

  14. ~h Thank you so much! The glass pendant got most of the commentary but the woven chain is really special up close.

    D.: You renaissance man, you! I started Iyengar when I was 18. We've had a long, complex history including a long stint of teaching. I've had quite a bit of exposure to Ashtanga over the past few years (recently I decided to revert to a more pure, Iyengar format). I've wanted to do a workshop with John Friend for years. Anusura sounds great.

  15. Love that chunkiness. Cool and warm at the same time. I'm sure it will work during summer as well.

  16. Hey S: When you read on, you'll see that I actually returned it. I just felt the weight would be too much. And given that I'm having one of those "can't turn my head" stress neck things this week, I think it was just as well...