Monday, September 22, 2008

Who Are You?

I'm not the first blogger to wonder, intently, about the origin of her sassy readers. Occasionally, I try to figure it out using my (apparently unreliable) Statcounter info. My techie husband has advised 4 times why the data isn't really useful (it has something to do with servers?!) but I find it hard to stay interested.

Point is, while I know many of you from your own blogs or comments, I'd love to know where y'all are from. Especially those of you who might be reading, but aren't commenting. (My "unreliable" data tells me you're out there...) Feel free to answer anonymously, if you don't want to be giving me all your secret details.

But please do tell. People from foreign lands are so exciting!!

And, while I'm at it, let me say again how much I value your readership. To say that blogging has been a meaningful experience for me vastly understates how much I enjoy this process. Reading your amazing tales and knowing that someone is reading what I have to say is just creative community par excellence. Here's to us!


  1. I'll start the ball rolling, even though you know where I'm from: Southern California, San Diego County.

    (I'm always curious, too, about where the people who read my blog come from. I hope you unearth some good information.)

  2. I'm from Johnson City TN which is in east TN in the mountains. I found you through enc who I'm guessing found me through Whiskey Marie who I found when a friend of mine emailed me about her great blog.

    I like reading all kinds of different blogs, even though I blog primarily about politics and pop culture. I got into fashion and the like through watching Project Runway and I like your take on fashion, life, and all the other stuff you write about. I also seem to have a blog crush on a lot of Canadian women for some reason.

  3. I'm from good ol' North Carolina USA! Originally from NY, but still part southern at heart! I completely understand your curiosity - there is only so much the computer can tell you!

  4. Representin' Minneapolis up in heah. But you knew THAT.

  5. LOL I also like to see from where people come to visit my blog, I think it's a natural curiousity ;)

    So (as you know) I introduce myself as representing from Portugal the Azoren Archipelago - Terceira Island - In the Middle of the North Atlantic.


  6. I'm from Connecticut but I have lived in Atlanta, GA, New York City, and Salamanca, Spain too!!


  7. I'm from Ireland and have been reading - and loving - your blog for ages and really enjoy your take on fashion,style and suchlike. I'm not actually a natural lurker - I do have opinions - but just never got around to organising a comment. So thanks for giving me a little push.

  8. I'm pretty you know a lot of things about me already but just for the record: you have readers from Germany as well ;)

  9. Born in Melbourne, lived in London and Sydney, currently enjoying a marriage of convenience (for 20 years) with Irishman and living in Wicklow, just south of Dublin.
    interested to see another Mna na heireann reading your blog K!

  10. I live in New Zealand! But I think you know that. :) This is a great idea, I love knowing where my readers are from too.

  11. I come from Sydney Australia (and you know that of course), although I was actually born in downtown Toronto, so there you go!

  12. Bet you know where I'm from ;)

  13. I'm from Seattle, WA. Can't remember how I found you're blog

  14. Not just a Mna, Hammie - another Wickla woman as well!

  15. I have been reading you from afar- Northumberland in the very north of England- for quite a while, though I don't say much (natural lurker, though not as creepy as that sounds). I think I found you through Miss Cavendish...

    I have a similar relationship with my website stats, I want sooooo much more than they will surrender...

  16. Good luck with the roll call. I'm logging on from Brisbane, Australia.

  17. well you know me but here it goes.

    Songy from a town called Perth, Western Australia.

    .. as for the analytics program.. which one are you using?

    It's good to see that you have a couple of 'anonym' came out and commented here!

  18. Thanks to all of you for commenting! It's always nerve-wracking when you request feedback :-)

    E: You are at the front of all the lines!

    Dr. Monkey: My parents have a place in Boone, NC. I am going to check out Whiskey Marie (thanks for the tip). I love that you are into politics and fashion - what diverse interests. We Canadian women have the allure of mystery :-) Thanks for your lovely comment.

    Diana: I was born in NY too. If I were super rich, I'd have a big blog party and invite you all to TO for a bash.

    Sal: You ARE Minneapolis as far as I'm concerned :-)

    Seeker: I've heard that is the most gorgeous series of islands. How cool that you live there!

    CC: You must speak Spanish fluently, yes?

    Anon 1: I love that you are saying hello. Thank you for your comment. And I love that you're from Ireland, a place I would seriously like to visit. My parents were there last year and said it's the most gorgeous country ever.

    Anon 2: I was thrilled to find Anon (above) but now that I know there are 3 of you (including the fantastic Hammie), I'm psyched!

    Hammie: Ah, the decades long marriage of convenience :-) You have lived in some awesome places. Is your accent Australian or Irish?

    F: Another of my fave places (and one I would love to visit) is Germany. I was there many years ago but haven't been back since. What I remember (crazily), aside from the gorgeous country and architecture, is the yogurt. It came in little glass pots with cream on the top and was unbelievably delish.

    Andrea: My husband has some great friends from NZ. There's quite a large NZ community here in TO. It must be quite a culture shock to go from Africa to NZ, yes?

    Skye: Hilarious. Do you remember the hospital?

    Y: You, I've got covered. :-)

    Anna: Seattle - how beautiful. I'm realizing there are so many places I need to visit soon.

    Isabella: I lived in South England (Somerset) and London for a while when I was growing up. I've never been as far as Northumberland. Thanks for writing in!

    Lavender: Thanks! I'm trying to figure out if all you Australians experience similar weather (I read blogs from Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and maybe even Darwin.) I know there are far distances between you, but it always seems to rain everywhere at the same time!

    Songy: I'm using Statcounter. It does show little dots on the map of the world (identifying where readers are from) but my husband told me that often the info isn't accurate. That is, you could be in Perth but the stat says you're from Madagascar (or some such craziness). Having said that, I"ve seen stats from all these countries.

  19. Holy crap, I'm about 45 minutes from Boone, NC. If you and yours ever come down to your parents place give me a heads up and we'll all meet up for a cup of coffee or a drink.

  20. I should have made it clear - Anons 1 and 2 are the same person.
    I hope you make it to Ireland sometime. Actually, though I've never visited, I do have a Canadian connection - an ancestor who emigrated from here was the first full-time teacher in a settlement in the remote Ottawa Valley in the 1830s. Must come and have a look some day.

  21. i'm from los angeles, ca. and on many occasions i do consider it a foreign place.

  22. Dr. M - What a truly small world. Most of the time my parents live in Charlotte, but the "cabin" is a place we go for weekends or Xmas. I will definitely inform the next time I'm there...

    Tessa: Ah, sun and the world's best zoo! Have you started yoga?

    Sorry Anon: I obviously didn't catch that. Very cool about your relative in the Ottawa Valley. So many of our forebearers are from your neck of the woods.

    Nina: That's hilarious!

  23. "Here, here", says the lady sporting the half mullet from Reston, Virginia. Did you see my little map at the bottom of my page? Every time I see the little stars for my visitors I get so excited!

  24. E8: I'd never noticed it before! I love it. Thanks for your comment - Virginia is such a beautiful place and so optimally close to so many amazing US cities! Your haircut really is awesome.