Monday, September 1, 2008

Hey Moms...

There are some great deals out there for your kiddies this week.

Specifically, H&M is having this 20% off sale (when you spend more than $50.00). Have you ever gone back to school shopping and not spent $50.00?? And they've got really sweet "lounge wear" i.e. yoga pants for kids and hip/happening track suits.

Payless, a truly awful, if affordable environment, is having a strange sale I can't exactly understand. The upshot is that I bought 2 pairs of runners for M and I saved 30% on each pair.

Gap Kids has some good sale items - like on backpacks and lunch boxes.

I was shocked by how much money I saved by getting into the fray a mere 5 minutes before the deadline of tomorrow's back to school. I'm usually so organized and I save bupkis. I say, power to the harried moms!


  1. Hooray for moms!

    (I really don't have any valid input on being a mom, but I can cheer from the sidelines.)

  2. No K', you pretend you Planned It That Way!
    Well done. We always buy good shoes and a good stock of dresses/long shorts at the END of the season, as in Ireland the weather doesnt really get going until then. And you can get Primagi and Geox for less than half price.

  3. Thanks E - I love a good cheer :-)

    Hammie: Of course you are spot on. I planned it out like an evil genius :-) This morning, M wanted to wear all her new stuff (but of course, now the weather has decided to go super nova summer). It was tough getting her out of new jeans, socks, runners, long sleeved shirt and sweater. Very, very tough...

  4. I can feel M's pain. I remember often having to wait until mid-October before being able to wear my back-to-school purchases.

  5. Y: I know, it's tough being 8! But something tells me she won't have to wait too long...