Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Know, She's a Genius...

My daughter, creative tour-de-force that she is, recently "deconstructed" a Halloween costume and a shirt that no longer fits:

You can't really see it here, but she managed to use strategic cuts and ribbon to create an architectural piece that really blew my mind.

I gotta get this kid sewing lessons.


  1. prodigy she is. that's brilliant. you've got to..
    my mother did buy me a sewing machine when i was a little kid. she was hoping that one day I'd make something for her but never did. my bad. I did make lots of cool stuff tho for myself. :)

    as for your card Q - it does work! highly recommend it.

  2. Wow! A blooming designer in your own house. How exciting. Will she wear the retooled items to school?

  3. a fashion designer daughter... oh you are soooooo set.
    i dream of this. this or a hairdresser. i'd be so grateful!

  4. wow, i would wear that skirt. she's really talented.

  5. How nice, oh yes your daughter is showing talent, so I think you got to...
    How cleaver ;)
    Who knows she might be a fashion designer...


  6. Hey All: My daughter is so thrilled by the positive comments. She asked me to say thanks to you...

    Thanks Songy. You gotta make your mother something nice! I'm going to work on a card for sure...

    Sal: She says she won't wear them because they are too "revealing". No joke. This is a kid who whispers to me at restaurants if I lean forward and she feels my tops are too low-cut. I suggested she put a bodysuit underneath so we'll see if that flies.

    Editor: I know - can you imagine if that happened?! A chef is a good one too :-)

    Thanks Nina. Of course, I hope I'm not tainted by "mom bias" - which is an affliction where everything your kid does has to be genius. :-) I'm pretty hardcore with fashion crit though, and it is all subjective.

    Miss C: Check my comment to Sal. I'll keep you posted. She's got so many wacky art and craft ideas she's always pulling together... I think your daughter is similar, non?

    Seeker: We can only hope! (A rich and famous designer...)

    Dr. M: Me too! :-) Sadly, I've never actually seen that show because it's on cable and I don't have cable. But I hear about it on all the blogs. Thanks for the lovely compliment.

  7. That's so cool, definitely nurture that talent - I was a sewing/deconstructing kid (still am, I suppose) and had so much fun with it. (Saves money too).

  8. Brilliant!
    I have a budding designer in the house myself. Can't wait for the day when she can make me clothes.

  9. awwwwww! that's brillliant.

    that's talent =)

  10. Skye: Her crazy, unique boho style reminds me a bit of yours, actually!

    IHeart: You must post examples of her work. How old are your kids?

    Merci, LaC.!

  11. I love how your daughter put together that shirt with the pearls, my first thought of the pearls+the lace was Lanvin :)
    Thats really great!

    hahaha you must put your daughter in sewing classes and maybe well see her in Bryan Park one day !

  12. J: Wouldn't that be fun. My chance at a front row seat!! :-) Thanks for your comment.

  13. Sometimes I wish I had taken sewing lessons when I was little. I'm completely self taught and while I enjoy figuring it out. . . nurture her talents . . . she'll thank you later.