Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fighting the Good Fight

Hey Everyone: You have to check out WendyB today for an inspiring example of how bloggers are using the network to help people in need.

Short story: Stephanie Nielson, who writes a blog called NieNie (about modern motherhood and family life) has been very seriously injured with her husband in a plane crash. There's a story about in in the New York Times Saturday edition. They have 4 children under the age of 7. Stephanie has been given a 60 - 70% chance of survival and a fund has been started to assist the family with the daunting expenses they will no doubt incur in the rehabilitation process.

WendyB - whom, I'm sure you know, designs gorgeous fine jewelry in New York City - has started an auction of one of her beautiful pieces, all proceeds of which will go to the NieNie fund:

The WendyB Diana necklace

Here's an opportunity to help a family while, potentially, winning a beautiful piece of handmade jewelry. At very least, you'll hike up the bidding. And, even if you don't win, now you know how to buy yourself a gorgeous bauble or two online. (I'm partial to the owl pendant...)

Special Update: Generous bidders have exceeded the retail value of the piece ($250.00) so Wendy is throwing in some gorgeous earrings and - get this - when the bids get to $500, that lucky person gets all the perks plus a fab engraving on the sterling silver pendant.

It gets better. If the bids go higher than $1000 - you get a piece of jewelry named after you (or someone of your choice) that will live on always! And that's in addition to all the other perks. Richie Riches who may be reading this, vote with your heart by bidding on this thing of beauty.

Another Special Update: Enc is racking up the good karma, having bid $550.00 as of this evening. C'mon generous peeps, make her work for that engraved, one-of-a-kind necklace with matching topaz earrings. At very least, let's get her to the stage where she gets a piece named after her for all eternity. Cuz that means the Nielson family will have $1000-odd extra dollars in the rehabilitation fund. Technically, you have more 4 days to get there. But I can't take the suspense. So please bid now.


  1. Thank you so much for the mention! I am very much hoping that peeps will make a good size donation. Plus the higher the bid goes, the more little bonuses I'm likely to throw in. Who knows what might come your way ;-)

    (I'm also glad you like the owl, I think he's a cutie myself.)

  2. It's difficult to think of anything else today . . .

  3. I wish I was cashed up and could go over and make a massive bid - it's fantastic to see everyone rallying around like this, really beautiful!

  4. that is really really sweet. i feel guilty for buying that dress now. Good luck to wendyb anyway!

  5. I'm like skye, wishing I had an amount of money to make a great bid.
    It's great of wendyb to do this, and I think it's a way for us to see that we can be an amazing and supportive community.
    Which give us a sense that if we were in need the blogosphere, at least our corner of it, will make some efforts for us.


  6. I've been over to bid twice. I love the idea of bloggers banding together to support each other.

  7. That's a fantastic cause, Well done to Wendyb. So many of us say "I wish there was something I could do...." And then go and make coffee. Wendy has obviously done.
    Thanks K and Sal, for pointing it out. Will put up a link today too.

  8. WendyB: I am avidly following the buzz. Can't believe you've made it to 500 already. I bet you this makes some serious cash for the Nielson family. That owl is such a great pendant. When I find myself with the cash, it will certainly be my WB piece of choice.

    Miss C: I know. Are you going to do your own auction?

    Skye: I hear you. I'd love to swoop in at 1000! Then I'd be helpful and a star of the WB line forever more...

    Cordelia: Don't you feel guilty. All girls going through major life changes need a new dress now and again. You can always donate a small amount at the NieNie fund (see wendy's site for the link)

    Isn't it an awesome expression of community spirit, Seeker??

    Enc: You are a bidding machine and I love it!

    You said it, Hammie!

    Melmo: Stay tuned. I can't wait to see how this works out!

  9. I'm excited to have made and then gone past $500. I'm going to be very frustrated if I can't get this past $1,000. I think I've emailed everyone I ever met in my entire life.

  10. Gorgeous blogger Everybody Says Don't is making ENC work hard for the immortality!

  11. Enc really is blowing my mind. Now she's upped things to $700!!! Let's see if the fab Everybody Says Don't will comeback with $750. This sure is fun.