Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It's A Gift

So, Yulanda and I went out again on Saturday for "back to school" shopping :-) That's code for I bought everything I could get my grubby hands on while Yulanda tactfully offered her opinions.

If you know me, you know that I am eternally in search of a deal. I cannot tell you the bargaining I've wrought in every retail environment. I LOVE wheeling and dealing - but, let me take pains to clarify - I am never disrespectful. I recognize that we all have our roles to play in this little thing called "the transaction", so I try to infuse some high-flung excitement into the process. It's a small way I express myself. If the retailer resists my bargaineering advances, I graciously desist. And walk, generally. Though not always. (More to come on this topic soon - though I don't want to box myself in by referring to this as "K's Tips for Working the Deal" Theme Week.)

Here's the thing, I do this "can we talk" thing so intuitively that I don't even realize it's happening half the time. So it was very fun to be out with Y (and not even in the sorts of environments where bargaining is encouraged i.e. big box retail) and get little freebies here and there. It made me feel like a wise old owl to her delicious, young chick. I know it's sad when that's what makes you feel special, but I'm a simple girl. :-)

Coming Up: Fun info about the shopping I did over the Labour Day long weekend!


  1. Wow. Teach us your ways, K. I can never bargain, but so often wish I could!

  2. I don't know how you do it! I wish I could see you in action.

  3. Wheeling and dealing . . .
    A trait that may be inherited rather than learned? Tag sale bargaining runs in my family I think!!


  4. I love wheeling and dealing on furniture and homewares -my favourite saying "what is the cashprice Folding Money?"
    But have never done it for clothing.. interested to hear how it works>

  5. It never hurts to ask. I have asked for price breaks at Cartier, Bulgari, Mikimoto. It's doesn't always work but sometimes it does. why not, right. saving is saving, that is why we are savvy gals.

  6. You are superwoman at making salespeople become your best friend within five minutes of entering a store!

  7. Sounds you had a nice and funny time ;)
    I also would like to see you in action...
    Looking forward for some tips.


  8. Wheeling and dealing is the shiznit as far as I'm concerned, so clearly you are a maestro. No idea where I got it from though, my mother just plonks the plastic down for top dollar, and my dad is the world's stingiest man so not even bargains will tempt his money out of his wallet.

  9. Sal: It's just one of those weird qualities I ended up with. No one else in my family has any ability to do this. My mother is fascinated and sort of horrified at the same time!

    E: I'd love to have the chance to shop with you. We'd have so much fun - but I'd have to force you to buy stuff :-)

    CC: You know what I mean. It's just a little something in the bone...

    Hammie: I guarantee if you can do it with homewear, you can do it with anything. You just haven't given it a go (yet). Challenge: Give it a go next time you're out clothes hunting. It's best to start with a nice vintage or thrift store. I want to hear all about it.

    Savvy: You are so on my wavelength. That's the crazy ass bargain hunting I go in for. And sometimes it works!!

    Y: Thank you! (I'm blushing!)

    Seeker: I'm thinking about how to give everyone tips and it's so tough to come up with hardcore strategies. Stay tuned, though. I'm working on it.

    Skye: Like I said above, I really do think it is a skill you develop all on your own, crazy parents notwithstanding. Of course, I could do a psychoanalysis thing on you re: combo of spendy mum and thrifty dad producing a genius deal-getter, but that would just undermine your god given talent!