Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's A (Canadian) Thanksgiving Miracle

Yes, patient blog friends, the bathroom reno is complete.

The me that is beyond irritated by how long this took is at odds with the me who's mentally jumping up and down yelling "yipee! new bathroom! woohoo!". You can guess which me is winning.

Elle Decor makes taking artful interior design pictures it look easy. Of course, its photogs are generally working with cranes and more than 10 square feet. My (irritated) photographer makes an unavoidable appearance.

The Tour:

Please tell me you like it.


  1. that's fantastic, K-Line. Well done. I know how difficult and painful house renovation is... been there and still go through that as well.

    Love the nice finishes.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Especially the colors. That shower looks very nice, too.

    But the toilet is my favorite! ;)

  3. It's gorgeous, K. Now I can mark your washroom on my mental map of free toilets in Toronto. hah.

    (although I guess yours isn't a public toilet!)

  4. It's lovely! I like the colour choices. And the glass shower.

  5. Wow K it's really fantastic!!!
    Love it. And that picture is a great detail.
    Enjoy your space dear.


  6. Love it. Is that your boo? <--- I love that terminology "boo".

  7. your shower is just too heavenly. There was one a bit like that in the Hilton Paddo' (where Mr H and I just stayed) but it didnt have the super practical and beautiful shampoo nook.
    I hope you took a champagne shower to christen it.

  8. This is exactly the kind of bathroom I would have if I wasn't renting!

  9. Dr. M: Thank you so much for the positive response. Can't wait to see some pics of your place!

    Songy: Thank you. The finishes are what makes it, for me.

    E: Well it is an excellent toilet :-)

    Y: You are welcome to use it anytime you like. But no, it is definitely not public :-)

    Thank you Raven. The shower was such a production, you can't imagine. The glass took 2 months and cost 2x as much as we were originally told to expect. Fortunately, I love it!

    Thank you Seeker. I intend to take LONG showers!

    It is my boo, E8. Thanks for your lovely comment.

    Thanks so much Hammie. I love that nook! (Thanks for noticing.) My child needs so many hair potions it's the only thing giving us floor space to stand in :-)

    Andrea: Thank you. I see great bathrooms (and novels) in your future.

    Thanks Miss C. I was particularly intrigued to hear what you would have to say... K

  10. It looks so fab as Elle would say... I sure missed you!!! It sure is nice to see others doing what we are going through- and many frustrations and sore toes later.. we can say "yippee", the teal and cream are working this bathroom so well, the brown accents are perfect! And I am lov'n your Diva hanging above where you do most of your reading hehehe"wink"

  11. I love it. The colours are so great and that shower, Wow! I can't wait to see it in person.

  12. I have a sudden urge to get on a plane and fly to Toronto just so I can use your shower and put my makeup on in front of your mirror.
    Nice, nice job.

  13. Thanks Wendy, Marth and Tessa. Tessa, the lighting is soooo good - dimmer etc. so you can apply the goop without shadows :-)

  14. GJ: I missed your comment, somehow. The walls, while they look a bit teal, are actually on the green side. Thank you for your lovely comment. K

  15. Love it. Am coming over right now for a shower, in fact.

  16. Wait till tomorrow when it's clean! Thanks for your positive comment :-)

  17. Yes, I love it. Soooo pretty!!! I hope you enjoy it and take long showers and wash away all the stress of the project down the drain.

  18. Belette: I've been totally working that angle. Stress, washing down the drain. It's a testimony to the stress that it hasn't all washed away as yet :-)