Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This For That

I did a little damage over the weekend: I mean, there was all the stuff I had to buy for the child and then all the stuff I so needed for myself. I'm not sure about y'all, but September shopping is a special sort of drug. The days are cooling and shortening, the clothes are at the season's apex of stylishness, the shoes go from slinky strings to complex design. Throw in a good cappuccino and a great companion and it's got the makings of near perfection.

Yulanda and I managed to work all the angles - you have to see her post for some beautiful shots of the food. Club Monaco and Holt Renfrew had a bit of my business - don't worry, I'll chat more about this - and I ended up with everything from chichi perfume to organic face de-ager to zebra patterned accessories.

This post is a bit about how you can buy one thing, and still make off with ___ things in the deal. (Apologies in advance for the crappy photos - I was drinking when I took them...)

To wit:

At Holt's you buy this:

Bond No. 9 - Bryant Park (Mini-size, $45.00)

And you get this too:

Sample of Age Rescue (Can't remember the brand!) - FREE

You go to L'Occitane for the promise of eternal (and organic) youth:

Immortelle Brightening Renewing Serum ($60.00)

And you end up with a little extra for the eyes:

Baume des Yeux - FREE!

And, maybe best of all, you hit Sephora for some mascara (something you may not have purchased in 5 years!):

Maxi-Frange Mascara - It's "professional"... (On sale, $16.00)

And you end up with this!

ID Mineral Makeup with cute little brush, other Sephora mascara (travel size), Sephora mini bubble bath (almond flavour) - FREE!!!


  1. Wow, nice haul! It sounds like you had a lot of fun.

  2. Wow - I wish we had a Holt's near by. Nice haul!

  3. I think the Age Rescue stuff was by Lab Series? You would've had one more sample in the picture had you not given yours from L'Occitane to me!

  4. yay for Gift With Purchase - you made out like a bandit!

  5. E: We did. I want to do it again!

    AIS: Holt's is a double-edged sword, really. But it's nice to have one around.

    Thanks Seeker.

    You are right, Y. It was Lab Series. I threw the label away (I thought it looked crappy in the photo) and the tag that Reem gave us. Thanks for reminding me. I'm really liking that Immortelle stuff, btw.

    Thanks Skye. There's something so fantastic about feeling like you get something for nothing. Even if it's not strictly speaking true :-)