Monday, September 8, 2008

The Long and the Short of It

I got these at Club Monaco on that Saturday excursion with Yulanda (talk about getting mileage out of a fun shopping date). They were $39.00 on sale!

They are extremely comfortable and short (but not sleazy). I particularly like the waistband which is - I can assure you - the only reason why I'm baring my stomach in two of these shots.

In addition to these, I also bought a zebra-pattern, pony-skin belt and (yikes) a pair of super-skinny, super-white jeans. (Don't judge till you see them :-)) I was so saying fuck you to the post-Labour Day, white-wearing naysayers. And it's not like my ass is getting any younger.


  1. You look great in shorts. You've fabulous legs! (I envy you)


  2. *Faux "Sista" hand gesture*
    You Go Girl!

  3. Yesssss. Show us the white jeans!!

    I admire you for donning the short shorts. I fear them, but damn, they look great on you.

  4. You're so funny! I like the idea of white jeans, but what to wear with them? I'd want to wear a white T . . . but I don't wear white Ts . . .

  5. Seeker - What a lovely compliment. But you have fabulous legs of your own!

    Hammie: There's just something about a girl from Dublin (by way of Aus) doing that hand gesture that makes me smile from ear to ear :-)

    Sal: Got get them hemmed first - and then put together a killer look. This is not one I want to show off unless it's right on.

    Miss C: I thought of that. How about a black T (that's what I'm thinking) or a black turtle neck or a cowl? Or something jewel toned? I'm plotting so if you come up with something, let me know.

  6. Hi! I dunno if you remember me but I used to have the blog Chez Beaute. My new site is Femme Rationale. If you don't mind, I've already linked you on my new site since you were linked before on my old one. Please stop by and say hi when you have a chance. :)

    Anyway, those are cute shorts! Who would have thought Club Monaco?

  7. You look so good in those shorts, I always look terrible in them (doesn't stop me though), so I envy the natural-born shorts-wearers of this world!

    PS. Show us the jeans already!

  8. The shorts look great. I wore my skinny white Acne jeans in the middle of the winter last year.

  9. skinny jeans Yes show us some more!
    they are very cute. If they are comfortable even better!

  10. oh! with the white jeans.. how about pair them with a pale coloured tee with layered necklaces or one big chunky number? I would also try a vest.

  11. Wear 'em while you can. White jeans are brilliant when done right.

  12. Well chosen, those are precisely the kind of shorts I want to find.

  13. Nina: Thanks for telling me about your new site. I will certainly check it out. And thanks so much for the link!

    Skye: Thanks for the compliment! I wear the high-waisted paper-bag skirt despite how unflattering it is on me because I don't want to be turned away from trends I really like simply on account of body type :-) Pants are being hemmed. Promise will show them soon!

    Wendy: I think you took a picture of that, no?

    Songy: Thanks. That's a great suggestion on the pants. Will try that out for sure.

    E: That's what I say too!

    Bronwyn: They really fit the bill. Does CM do shipping to South Africa?

  14. They look great on you. Too bad winter is starting in a few days in your part of Canada.

  15. You wear the white jeans and zebra belt and I'll be driving a Camaro.

  16. Dr. M: We could have a whole more month of hot, actually. But, today it was very chilly (16 degrees) so you may be right.

    IM: This comment is adorable. A virtual fashion date a la 1976. :-)