Friday, September 12, 2008

Filling the Gap

While I'm on the topic of good, affordable American chic from the Gap, please see Exhibits A, B and C below:

I bought this homage-to-the-pumpkin T and, I have to wonder why they didn't use a model with slightly "more boobs" to show off its saucy neckline.

Ditto with this fabulous jewel-tone aubergine crew-neck. The model is svelte and lovely, if the lower half of her face is anything to go on, but she's lost in this shirt. They make an XS for a reason. Hell, I bought the small and my tits are 8x the size.

I had to resist buying this bag (which is shown in black but also come in a very rich taupe), even though I scarcely need another bag, never mind one without a strap:

It costs 150 bucks and is large enough to hold everything you undoubtedly cart around - although it's not "oversize". The leather, which looks a bit cheap in the photo, is actually soft and supple. Admittedly, it looks better in taupe than in black. It really is a great deal for a woman who doesn't need two free hands when out and about.

What do you think?


  1. Sigh... this is what I would look like in these tees. I'm a small girl:( 32A anyone?!

  2. That bag is pretty impressive for Gap!


  3. Congratulate yourself on resisting the bag - not that it isn't a nice bag...But I've noticed with myself that fashion blogging is waaaay bad for the pocket. I think I've bought more clothes, and definitely more shoes since I started fashion blogging, then in the few years preceeding it put together. In the month or so that I stopped blogging, the need to shop for clothes and fashion accessories kind of disappeared too. Now that I'm back to blogging I'm already thinking about all sorts of items I want to look out for....grrrr...if only the fashion blogosphere wasn't so much fun!!!!

  4. I like the orange tee but the small boob pocket alarms me.

  5. I think I'll be dragging Husband Mike to the Gap this weekend to visit that bag in person!

  6. Thank you so much for your words about my health.
    I'm much tiered, stressed and overwhelmed, so to prevent a breakdown I must slow a bit.
    I think I'm not stopping blogging, I'm too addicted to it, but I would spend less time blogging, so visiting blogs will not be on a daily basis as I was doing.

    Nice things for Gap!

    Take care dear.


  7. Hey Tea Lady: Don't want you to think I'm dissing the small boobs. They are delightful (as are all the shapes and sizes). I just think this shirt works better with a bit more cleavage.

    CC: It really is. Esp. in taupe.

    Bronwyn: I do, actually! This blogging scene is hard on the wallet.

    Wendy: My shirt actually doesn't have the mini pocket - but it's the same in every other way.

    Sal: Please do. It's an excellent little bag and great value for the money.

    Seeker: Good for you for recognizing your need for rest and recovery. Check in whenever you feel like it. xo

  8. I think they're probably scared of looking anything like an American Apparel catalogue, and have deliberately tried to make the clothes look as unsexy as possible!

    The bag's pretty nice, but yeah, I'd never buy a big bag I couldn't sling over my shoulder. Even before I had a toddler to wrangle I always needed my hands!

  9. I think if you have to have your hands free, that bag isn't for you. I've seen variations on that theme with straps, maybe you could find one.

    I'm with you on the photos of the t-shirts, they puzzle me. The colors are dazzling, though.

    You'd look great in aubergine. ;)

  10. buy, buy, buy! What happened to the post on your daughters halloween costume? I tried commenting and you've taken it down?

  11. We are on a Gap roll, aren't we? I've been pretty impressed lately with their selection!

  12. The bag would drive me crazy without a strap, but I love the colors on the tees (tiny pocket and oversize fit aside!).

  13. I've been liking the new leather bags that the Gap has been coming out with.

  14. Skye: That could totally be it! I used to use the handle bags all the time before I had my baby. That was the kind of badass I was! :-)

    E: Ha! It is aubergine. What is it with me and the eggplant these days??

    IM: I posted it early - it's one for next week. I wondered if anyone would notice! Get your comment ready though. It's pretty avant garde stuff.

    E8: Love your new haircut, btw...

    Miss C: Maybe you could try out a white one. Just to live on the edge :-)

    Y: They're much better than I would imagine. And more practical than the Banana bags...

  15. I just want big boobs, but the T's are impressive. I am too burned out on bags to judge them anymore.

  16. Hey Gorgeous! (Inspired by Sal)
    I tagged you back with the Closeness and Premio awards. Up to you if you want to spread em out further. Thanks so much for always being so encouraging in your comments, and for showing such empathy.
    As a Double A, I would be lost in that t-shirt myself, unless of course I was wearing my water-bra, which on my little frame gives good rack.
    I actually buy Gap for kids, for the top half. Sure, sometimes the sleeves are a little short, but that just means I don't get them stuck in the vegemite when I make my toast.
    I think you should go back for that handbag, when it is half price. It's nice, but not that nice, and they would have made an odd million or so of them, no?

  17. the stuff is amazing!! I really adore the bag.


  18. hey... when you say "the model is svelte and lovely" is that code for "the model looks like a runaway from an anorexia farm"???




  19. Sister: Hammies got just the bra for you (see below)! I've gotta stop with the bags too. It's a problem.

    Hammie: Thank you so much for the award and lovely commentary on your blog. A girl can't get a great award often enough, I say! And congrats on your 98th post. Can't wait to read the next 98...

    Melmo: Do me a favour and buy it. And then write about it with pictures. Then I can own it vicariously!!!

    S: I'm trying to get with all the body types, even those that appear, to my eye, a bit wan from lack of food. But, I have to agree, that lovely model should do dessert first for the next few weeks.

  20. the bag is awesome, i wld get it if i were u.

  21. they are very safe choices I think. they are timeless can't go wrong.t

  22. H - I so agree with you about BR. It's really gone prissy lately.

    Songy: It's so important to have those fail-safe basics...