Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Want This

On Friday I was browsing through Club Monaco and discovered this soft, wool-blend gem. Imagine my surprise on finding a pic of it on Daily Outfitting also... Thanks Sal for pointing me in the direction of this blog.

PS: CM has numerous pieces in this awesome shade of red. Slim turtlenecks, sleeveless Ts (with interesting fabric embellishments), a fantastic jacket, a great skirt.

Seriously, get your butt there now before this whole collection sells out. It's the best offering I've seen from CM in a long time - and you know how I love this place.


  1. That is very sweet. I can picture a pair of boots to go with it.

  2. Right there with you. Anything red and fitted is instantly coveted. I think we've got the same coloring, so I bet you're just the same!

  3. Oooh, and isn't Daily Outfitting just the GRANDEST! I love those goils.

  4. It's red, it's fitted and has a zipper... couldn't be great!!!
    I also want one, please.


  5. I really love that dress - I'd like it in a nice cotton for summer, wonderful colour!

    Are you going to buy it? I hope so!

  6. It's very sweet. (Songy already said that, but I'm repeating it.) I think you'd look great in it. (Dr. Monkey already said that, but I'm repeating it.)

    I sound like a broken record.

    I hope you'll go buy it!

  7. K- you would rock that dress, I can absolutely picture you in it, it's perfect for your svelte, curvy figure....I'm wondering what shoes you'd team it with?

  8. That would look fantastic on you. I imagine you look really good in red ...? It looks like it would be your colour.

  9. Songy: I know just the pair!

    Dr. M: Why thank you, Sir.

    Sal - It would look terrific on you. I can picture it with those black boots! And I really love that site.

    Seeker: I bet your arms would look fine in this thing :-) And it would be great for your colouring too.

    Skye: It's a wool blend (cuz it's moving into winter here). I would love to buy it but it's 200 bucks. I just had dental surgery this aft that ended up costing a bit (not sure how much insurance is going to cover so I could be out hundreds). Between this and the 8 zillion other expenses I seem to have taken on recently, I'm loathe to spend that much. But I can't get it out of my mind!

    E: You can't say nice things too often, thank you! Re: Buying - See my answer above (now who's repeating??)

    B: That is such a nice thing to say "my curvy svelte figure". I love that flattering description :-) I'd probably wear it with boots because it's a wool blend and we're moving into winter. But I think a nice Oxford with a heel(like Seeker's new ones) would look very smart.

    Andrea: Thanks! This particular red is so fabulous. I see it every so often - it's got a lot of blue? or orange? (I can't really figure it out) but it's great for dark hair and pale skin.

    Me too CC!

  10. Oh, and I have given you a blog award! :) Details are here.

  11. Nina: I'm telling you, run and buy it now while you still can!

    Andrea: Thanks so much. I will totally check that out now. xo

  12. K, this dress is so you even though it's missing the collar ;)

  13. What a great dress!

  14. u shld so get it! You so have the body for it. with a pair of ankle boots, u'd be ready to rock n roll!! x

  15. y: Sometimes I'm so predictable!

    Nadine: Thank you!

    Sister W: I never do. Swear.

    C: I have a little follow up post coming about this...

  16. I love it! Your should totally get it!!