Monday, September 15, 2008

These Aren't Mom Jeans

Sweater Top: Jacob (8 years ago), Belt and Jeans NEW!: Club Monaco, Shoes: Vintage

So these aren't for those fat days or for anyone who's faint of heart. I just went out shopping for a new Webkinz with M and, let me assure you, I got lots o' looks from cute, if exhausted, dads carting infants in carriers. I felt so smugly "mother of an 8-year old".

Please overlook the worst posture ever. (I don't know what happened there.)

PS: The shirt cost $40.00, the jeans on sale from $150.00 to $90.00, the shoes were $20.00 and the belt $60.00. Which means the whole freakin' outfit didn't cost as much as my underwear. Not bad, huh?


  1. I have but one thing to say about you in those jeans, "Hubba hubba!" Ok, so I lied I had two things to say but damn girl, you look great in those.

  2. hehe that's amazing!

    But I like your outfit it's perfect for you I think!!

  3. look stunning in this!!! One of your best.

  4. These are so amazing! I could *not* wear white jeans and you are ROCKING them!

  5. So seriously, what kind of underwear does one don beneath rocking white tight jeans?

  6. Your extreme HOTNESS is burning me. You've got the balls and the bod to carry off skinny jeans, and for that I both salute and envy you, love.

  7. My Goodness, how much do you spend on underwear? :-D

  8. K you look really great. White jeans aren't easy to pull off, but you make them so well.
    Amazing sexy girl ;)


  9. You look soooo smoking hot in those things - I think you've reclaimed white jeans from the taint of Liz Hurley! Cute belt too.

  10. They sure as heck are NOT mom jeans. Nice one, K. You really look superb!

  11. They're writhing around on the bonnet of my Camero jeans...The Motley concert starts at 9pm hows about I pick you up 8.30pm?

  12. Wow - I'm loving all the positive feedback. If I'd known, I would have worked this look 10 years ago! :-)

    Dr. M: Oh please, keep on! (You are so sweet.)

    Thanks Melmo!

    Bronwyn: I really appreciate your comment. You would look great in these, I know.

    Ambika: You think you can't but it just takes the right pair. Really.

    Miss C: See, I found a top! The answer: really small underwear :-) I was wearing a nude coloured low-rise thong.

    Sal: You lovely comment blows me away! Thank you. These jeans and your animal print top would be an optimal combo, non??

    Agnes: Admittedly, a lot :-) If you check out some of my early posts (and others too) you'll see I'm very into matchy, high-end lingerie. Partly it's cuz I love the feel. Partly, it's to adequately support my rather curvy frame.

    Seeker: Thank you so much!!

    Yulanda: I'm so glad you like them. Ed. Note: Y was cheering me on to buy these babies. So you can thank her if you approve!

    Skye: What do I say? To invoke the name Liz H (who is the mistress of the white pant, to be sure), taint or no, I'm loving it. Thank you!

    E: Merci. You too, with your mile-long spinner legs, would be an optimal candidate for this colour and style.

    IM: I LOVE this comment. Honey, I'll be waiting on the porch with my tousled hair and cherry-red sateen bomber. :-)

  13. they look great! White jeans are so difficult to wear.. you will really want to wear a G string wouldn't you.... mmm

  14. I love white jeans! You look fantastic, not "mom" at all.

  15. If you had a job in a bar, those jeans would pay for themselves in tips!
    You look Hawt Missus.

  16. Thanks Wendy!

    Songy: There's no other way. Everything but a nude thong shows through in colour or cut.

    Thanks IHeart. I am so loving your new house. It's fantastic.

    Hammie: Such a compliment! Maybe I'm going to start leaving a little tip jar around the house and shake my booty. ...See what Scott does :-)

  17. Clothes Horse: Somehow I missed your comment! These would work well in Greece, huh??

  18. NIce work on the jeans!

    Mom to mom--you look great! I have 4 (!!!) Kids and feel like having kids has gotten me in the best shape of my life.

    I have similar white jeans that I bought and posted a few ago as well...doesn't it feel great to get oogled?!

    Cheers! LuVvy

  19. LuVvy: Checked out your blog and I find it hard to believe you have one, much less 4 kids. How old are they??? At any rate, thanks for your compliment. Mom-to-mom is always the best :-) I'll be looking at your blog again, for sure. K

  20. I adore this outfit - great colors and combos.