Thursday, August 28, 2008

Long Weekend in the Real World

I'm going to take my own advice and call a self-imposed blogger-free long weekend. Work has been a trip and I'm feeling like I need to give my brain cells a few days off :-) No doubt I'll be reading - how can I tear myself away from all of my interesting sites? (You all are like my soap operas, really!)

Pull out all your whites and have a fab Labour Day!

K xo


  1. Enjoy your rest and have fun.
    We'll look forward for your return.

  2. Goodness you and me both...= ) But were back... lol

  3. Well., you sure are worth it! Have a great break. And thanks; you were my first comment through last night after I posted and the encouragement meant so much.
    I have to make a macro decision today, and Bratty was up since 4am. So it is nice to have my clever guardian angel on my side.
    Love the wearing white, will try to do that myself.

  4. Have fun, rest those brain cells. We'll wait it out.

  5. Thanks everyone for your sweet comments. I'm trying to do some fun things so I'll have good stories for you next week.

    Hammie: Glad if my comment was encouraging. I hope that Bratty has calmed down and I'm confident that your macro decision is the right one...

  6. Have done so myself during the labor day week end. I ended up without breaks on holiday. What a great way to spend some long minutes of chills down my spine while rolling down the road with zero breaks! Have returned happy to be in one piece (all of us!) and glad that the breaks break was over ;)

  7. Matt: How soon the break is over! (But it's also fun to get back to the blog world...)

    kpriss: That sounds nervewracking indeed! Glad you are in one piece :-)