Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thoughts or Feelings?

So, I may have been all talking up health and wellness, but rest assured I was still shopping.

Here are a few shots of a trench-inspired jacket I bought at H&M last weekend:

I first saw this piece a couple of weeks ago at the H&M at Dufferin Mall. I didn't buy it, though it appeared to be the last one, because I just couldn't make up my mind. A week later, unable to stop thinking about it, I found myself back there and, lo, it was actually / miraculously still around, beckoning from a dusty corner, looking for a good home.

(Note: I happened to have gone briefly into the Dundas H&M the day before, with our special blogger friend, Yulanda, and she very patiently scavenged the store with me in search of it at this location. It was gone, of course, which is why I scooped it up the following day at Dufferin Mall, with scarcely a second thought.)

OK, here's the question: It was $39.99 for an indoor-outdoor jacket (reworking a style that is always in style), so price is not the main factor. Alas, it's another purchase requiring another hanger and another spot in the tediously small closet - and it's not exactly like I don't own enough jackets already. Mind you, jackets are the thing I do find challenging to buy (re: tits) and this one both fit and the price was right. In light of these factors, do I keep it or return it?

I realize, in order to answer you probably need to see it on - and I just wasn't up to it this weekend. Pls. stay tuned for a picture post of me wearing this soon. Though any interim feedback would be appreciated...


  1. I say, one can never have enough jackets, as long as they're truly flattering. If it's simply OK, bring it back. (I like jackets to be real statement pieces.)

  2. As Husband Mike says, there will always be another great deal. Unless it makes you want to shag yourself when you look in the mirror, might want to save your pennies for something you're more sure about. These are my initial thoughts having not seen it on you, of course. ;)

  3. Keep because my feet still hurt from trekking all over H&M. I kid. If you return it, will you continue to obsess over it?

  4. I say keep it!
    I always wonder about meeting up with a fellow blogger if the chance ever arose (it hasn't) and I don't know if I would/could do it. How is it to meet a blogger in "the real world?"

  5. If it fits, and you love it, keep it.

    I think you love it, or you would have been able to completely forget about it. Obviously, you didn't forget about it, because you and Y searched high and low for it.

  6. Do you live near Dufferin Mall???
    I went there a several times when I went to Toronto to visit sis and her family.
    Sis lives near, in Bartlett Ave.
    How cute ;)

  7. Everyone: Thanks so much for comments. Here's the thing - I so agree that when you don't love something you shouldn't keep it, but I'm really at odds with this one. On the one hand, this jacket has captured my imagination and it's all Burberry-inspired and the colour is great. On the other hand, it's another thing to care for, it's not courture(let's face it) and it's neither indoor nor outdoor, particularly. And it's really making me consider (as is everything, really, these days): Should you own something simply because it looks nice on you? Where does that consumerism end?

    Having said that, I'm not quite ready to take it back :-)

    Miss C: I like your "it takes a village" attitude...

    Sal: I hear Mike. And you. Still trying to decide if it makes me want to shag myself :-)

    Y: You, of course, have a leg to stand on :-) And I have to ask myself if I will be released from the grip of the jacket, if I return it.

    Wendy: Sound advice from you. As always!

    Rebecca: You're the first unqualified yes. I like that. And, you'd have to follow up with Yulanda, but I have to say meeting a blog friend is a very interesting - but slightly nerve-wracking - experience. It's like a blind date :-) Fortunately, I had a great date. And I knew she was pretty from the start :-) I like meeting new people, so I'd do it again in a second, if I have a chance.

    Enc: You and Y are on the same page. Intriguing.

    Seeker: That's crazy!!! I live about a kilometre away from Bartlett Ave. and 2 kms from Dufferin Mall. I live closer to the city. Fabulous to know. You have to visit me next time you are in town.

  8. Indeed it's a small world!!!
    How exciting :D
    I don't know when I'll go again but surely it would be trielled if we could meet.

  9. Lovely. I can't wait to wear my trench coat. I felt like there was hardly time this spring, so I'm expecting to catch up this fall. Keep it.

  10. E: Nice to hear from you again. Your life has been super sassy lately! Thanks for your vote.

    So I take it you think I should keep it, Diana? :-)