Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What I Wore

Here's what I wore on Monday:

I got the dress at Jacob, like, 8 years ago. It's this weird kind of denim one rarely sees. Sort of sheeny. At this point, I've worn it so many times, on cost per wearing, it's paying me.

The belt and cardigan are two purchases from this season. The belt was bought at Joe Fresh for $2.99 (admittedly on sale). The cardi cost $12.50 at Urban Planet.

Look Vogue, a chic work look and not one piece cost 3 grand!


  1. Well played, lady. The skinny yellow belt looks fantastico, and I love the feminine lines created by the dress neckline and the cardi.

    I have a pair of BR jeans in that shiny denim. They looked amazing on my bootay about 4 years ago, and even though I can barely squeeze a single thigh into them now, I cannot bear to part with them. And I part with EVERYTHING after a year of non-wearage.

  2. lurve the belt! i have been looking for one similar.

    that denim seems to be de rigeur at jacob. i have two pair of denim trousers from them that do the exact same thing.

  3. That is a sweet and heavenly look K. Denim, strong, practical, and you can pick bits of melted magnum chocolate off it (ahem) but the lines are feminine and very corporate.

  4. I knew exactly the kind of denim you were talking about, the second you mentioned it. I've encountered it a couple of times myself. I love the look, and it gives me yet another reason to drag my sorry self over to Loblaws.

  5. Cute! Love the colour scheme you have going on. I almost bought that yellow belt for myself, instead I bought it for my friend since I couldn't justify spending money on myself and was putting together a package for her anyway.

  6. Sal: Thanks! Can you believe that belt cost 3 bucks?? So you know the denim of which I speak - it's got good construction. That's why my dress is still holding its shape after so many years. Don't get rid of the jeans yet. You love them, and I sense your new exercise regime is going to get you back into them.

    Hi Dalia: Thanks for your comment. Jacob does tend to use that denim quite frequently. I had some jeans in the same fabric - no back pockets, very trouser. Really nice. I wore through the inner thighs eventually!

    Um, Hammie, how do you know about the chocolate incident?? It's got so much substance you can really knock it around. Thanks for your lovely compliment.

    Jill: I guess this denim is more popular than I thought!

    Y: That was very sweet that you bought for your friend but, ahem, it was the best deal ever! Of course, it doesn't hold a candle to your new belt. And isn't it all about having the treasures. Or the really inexpensive things that go with everything. When did yellow become a neutral?

  7. Love the yellow and blue together.

    I wish we had a Joe Fresh more centrally located. It's too far for me to check out.

  8. i like how you layer the cardigan over the dress and finish off with the belt. very savvy! adore the bright blue color.

  9. Very nice indeed K - love this look on you, superbly put together!!!

  10. Love the jacket and very chic yellow belt.

  11. Thanks Wendy.

    StyleRaven: That's the first (and only time, so far) I've been to Joe Fresh. We have them all over the place but I shop at Dominion in my neighbourhood so I never get around to going there!

    Thank you Savvy. Love to be savvy :-)

    Bronwyn: Thanks. I was wearing this amazing red underwear too (post about this to come) so I was like a comic book of colours. I LOVE you icon, btw.

    Thanks Diana - Gotta love a yellow belt.

  12. This look creates such a lovely silhouette. I totally adore how you wear it.

  13. I think you did a nice work, love the colour combo with the splash of yellow given by the belt and at the same time the nice figure you created.
    You look great!!


  14. AND, you've had most of this look for 8 years! And you'll have it for 8 more!

    Hooray. I love this on you.

  15. love the yellow skinny belt on the colbalt blue cardi! chic!

  16. Nadine: It relates rather well to your boobs and hips post, non?

    Thanks Seeker: And I think your new fall clothing is going to be fantastic from a colour coordination perspective!

    Enc: Isn't that a trip? I love how I'm still able to put old things together to create modern riffs! (And it wasn't even expensive in the first place...) I'm going to try to focus a bit more on this in the near future re: blog. It's my version of SINCBM.

    Thank you HOS. I appreciate your comment...