Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I alluded to Montreal's Space FB in a recent post, a boutique which makes elegant items with fluid lines which belie some very reasonable prices. Esp. when you buy in the July sales.

I got a great oversized wool cardi in black - for the fall natch, the last one from last winter's collection - and this diaphanous dress that makes me feel strangely like an Alvin Ailey dancer (amazing given my body type, I realize...)

So, vaguely amusing story, I wore this, sans cami, to dinner on the Sat. night I was in Mtl. My husband and daughter had to leave the cab a few blocks from the restaurant (car sick child moment) and, given hideous traffic, I eventually opted to get out about a block from the restaurant and walk the rest of the way. As I wandered, I notice that a whack of cute guys seemed to be checking me out, like a lot, and I was feeling pretty good about being me, practically an Alvin Ailey dancer, long and strong and sexy on a Saturday night. That is until I looked down and noticed that the panel of jersey covering my left boob had completely slid out to the side and I was seriously flashing half the student population of McGill.

OK, I guess it could have been worse. I was wearing a great-looking, perfectly-fitted black bra. But when I go all out exhibitionist, I tend to like to be in on the game...


  1. A funny story, and a beautiful dress. I hope that if that ever happens to me, I can be as cool and nonplussed about it as you.

    You look spectacular.

  2. nice blog and interestin content !! that's cool

  3. is that your hubby in the mirror behind you (with the camera in front of his face?)!!!
    P.S. I love how he is crouching down to get just the right shot.

  4. I would've died of embarrassment!

    Maybe you should get those double-sided tapes that celebs use on the red carpet.

  5. How funny! I guess many of our outfits need some trial period to know how to wear them properly. Sometimes we don't even notice something wrong until later, but you have been really cool! It not a big deal, especially when you've got the perfect bra. The dress looks really elegant and cool xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Thanks E: Exhibitionism is your friend! :-)

    Thanks Mr. Style.

    Tessa: It is! He's very "professional photographer" when we do these shoots.

    StyleRaven: You think you would have but you'd probably just have pulled the fabric over and marched on. It's the only option, really :-) Maybe I do need that tape.

    Thanks TOG: It has such an elegant drape it makes me feel elegant. And I think you're right. It takes a while to figure out how best to wear a new piece.

  7. I exposed myself in Reno, Nevada, while getting out of a car carrying a small dog. I had on something not nearly so stylish as your goddess dress and I had no bra. I was wearing--oh, the death of chic--a cut-off t-shirt. Hubris. I didn't know that it had lifted up and I paraded along the wooden sidewalks flashing my A cup boobs to a pack of tourists.

    I love this dress, everything about it. That is also one of my favorite colors. Once again, you wear it well! (And smartly.)

  8. Oh dear. The dangers of drapiness.

  9. Gorgeous dress on you! I just started reading your blog and absolutely love it! You're one funky lady with personality plus.

  10. It's an absolutely beautiful dress- and looks wonderful on you!

  11. That's the kind of dangerous world we live in, Sal!

    Suzanna: I love that story. It was the fashion gods raining down about their hatred of the cropped T :-) Although, I imagine tourists in Reno might look forward to that sort of thing! Thanks for your nice comments about the dress.

    Tea Lady: So nice to have a new reader. Thanks very much for your kind compliments. I'll have to check out your blog.

    Thank you Atelier and Anon. I really appreciate it!

  12. Haha too funny. Hollywood fashion tape! It works so well... I'm not constantly checking myself!

  13. Monique: Have you really used the stuff? Would it work on all sizes of chest or do you need to be fairly compact?

  14. Nadine: Coming from you that is high praise. It has such a great feel - I wish everyone could touch it!

  15. hahaha that's quite embarrasing, but funny though :)
    beautiful dress!