Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What I Wore

In an attempt to show you stuff I already own, this was last Wednesday's outfit:

The pants are from my (recently defunct!?!) best-kept secret. They are some Italian house brand I've never heard of but they cost me $80.00 (down from $500.00). The reason you can barely see them is because I cropped the shit out of these photos on account of the fact I've decided them pants is too small. They fit me just as they did the day I bought them but, when I bought them I didn't have a lens trained on my ass. That's why you should shop with a butt checker, I guess. I don't know how I'll ever be able to wear them again, to be honest.

The T is H&M Trend (thanks to Yulanda for advising me that the front section of H&M Eaton Centre is dedicated to the Trend line...). It was some reasonable price like $24.99. The jacket is made by hand at Ewanika (see sidebar). I got it on mega-sale, and it still wasn't cheap ($250.00, if I remember correctly). But it was made by someone who was actually paid for her skill and labour which makes me feel good. You can't tell from these shots, but the the waist is beautifully tailored with silk-covered elastic gathers. And the outer arms are seamed with flat silk ribbon.


  1. I love your crooked smile. And the idea of a butt-checker. Need me one of those, too.

  2. You look slick. I really like you in that jacket, and the pants.

    I always check my own butt out if no one else is around. We girls need to be mindful of these things.

  3. I bent over in a change room to try and butt check without the over shoulder twist, and found knee chubbs. Knee chubbs.~ hmmph
    You, however, look grand. Infact those pants could be tighter, go and check out sister wolf and buy some bum padding now.

  4. What a great blazer.
    And I love your expression in first picture.
    About butt-check I always ask Hubby about when I buy something (shame on me :S)


  5. Sal: That crooked smile drives me nuts, but the others were even more crooked. (My default smile is crooked, fyi. I have to prop up the other side of my mouth when I want to be all even!)

    E: I assumed I had checked it out but maybe I was so excited I was finding $500 pants for $80 that my brain went to mush

    Thanks for your comment AIS - I don't think I've seen you here before...

    Hammie: Secretly I want one of those bum lifter things. It seems crazy, but fun. Now bum padding is a different story. I feel adequately junked in the trunk :-)

    Thanks Seeker. I think getting the husband to bum check is very smart! If only I could get my husband to shop with me...

  6. I've made the mistake of asking my husband if something was too tight. Since then, I have figured out that for him, NOTHING is too tight. Best to ask someone else.

  7. Hurrah for Trend! Great looking blazer.

  8. I have the same problem as WendyB with my in-house butt checker!

    That jacket does look beautiful, there is something very special about clothing that has been made with care and skill like that.

  9. Wendy and Skye: What is it with these husbands? I appear to have one of my own :-)

    Thanks Y.

    Dr. M: I used to be very self-conscious about the smile but I've decided to make it one of those "flaws" that give you style and character - like well placed moles :-) Thanks!