Sunday, August 3, 2008

Toronto Bloggers Unite!

OK, you know how I love little thoughts. Well, I had such a delightful Saturday with its mastermind, the incomparable Yulanda, I've decided I simply must meet the rest of you :-)

We met at The Swan for eggs benedict...

Chatted about all things vintage while ambling along Crawford to Apt. 909 and other faves...

Browsed the shops with such dedication that neither of us had the wherewithal to take any pictures...

Took a well-deserved break at Fresh, over smoothies...

(I know, she's gorgeous!)

And, finalement, said our farewells on College St.

Y is truly a phenom photographer - a woman who observes her world with the eye of an artist and a camera at the ready. I was so pleased to have the chance to speak with her at length about photography and the many other artistic endeavours at which she excels.

At Apt. 909, I did get a fab new dress, which I'd show you except my staff photographer is in Oakville today. Pls. stay tuned for photos in the near future.

And, most excitingly, I spoke with Dai (co-owner) who told me - and this might be a scoop! - that he and a partner from Japan are starting a clothing line. Stupidly, I can't remember the name. It's that I was so blown away but a prototype for a jacket he showed me, everything else is a blur. Seriously, I practically begged him to sell it to me. Natch, he couldn't. But you will definitely hear more about this when the line is in the store...

I would love to get together with other bloggers in TO (or visiting) so please don't be shy. Maybe, next time Y and I go out for the day, you'd like to join us for some fun.


  1. I totally wished that I could be in Toronto. And yes Miss Yulanda is drop dead beautiful! But I also like your look. From Yulanda's post in her blog, you dressed so lovely!

  2. Hi dear, I totally agree! It is really lovely to meet up with other bloggers who have the same interest with you! It reminds me when I met up with Wendy B and Sharon Rose. That's really fantastic! And I love these photos that captured the happy and cute moments xxxxx

  3. I still can't get over how well your phone takes pictures. Great post btw, but who doesn't love hearing nice things about themselves? ;) Also, I think I need to get myself a staff photographer -- which reminds me, when you get the chance to, can you find out which Canon you have? Anyway, I had a fantastic time so we'll have to take another staycation soon.

  4. K sounds like mucho fun...I need to get my shiz organized so I can come and have BBQ with chu!

  5. So neat - sounds like a great time. I would love to do something similar here - great idea!

  6. She is! Delovely, that is.

    That sounded like one fun outing and I wish I could join in one day, even as I know it's impossible. Thanks for making it possible to live vicariously through your writing and your photographs!

  7. Next time I get up to Canadia, you KNOW I'll be bangin' down your door, kitten.

  8. F: You would have been a perfect addition to our day! Thanks for the nice comment.

    TOG: I loved that post about you and Wendy and Sharon Rose meeting up. That must have been a fine afternoon!

    Y: Thanks! I love that you think that. The camera is a Canon Rebel XTI EOS (I think - there are so many things written on it). We have a 17-85 mm zoom telephoto lens to go with it. Does that even make sense?? I think Jill will enjoy coming along with us the next time. I agree we should do a fall shopping excursion in a couple of weeks. (Maybe even hit the high street? You know how good Club M is for fall...)

    You are so welcome anytime, IM!

    Please Sir: Are you in North Carolina? (Your recent post makes me think yes.) My people live in Charlotte so, maybe next time I'm in your area, we could get together there?

    Suzanna: I wish you could leave all your stresses behind and come and have a great lunch and shopping day with me...

    Wendy: So fun. I want you to show me around NY :-)

    Sal: Canadia is so where the cool cats are :-) We make lists here with at least 20 items and generally even more!

  9. If only I lived in TO! What a fun day you two had. :) When do I get to see the "fab" new dress?

  10. Oh, that's the same camera as mine, but that's not the kit lens which would explain why it cost so much! By the way, I saw a couple zebra print items at CM a few days ago.

  11. Fab new dress will be revealed today, E! Photos of me were a bit of a disaster, but I can't let PMS misery stand in the way of showing off a new purchase :-)

    You know, I thought the cameras looked similar - but all cameras look the same to me! I cannot wait to get some zebra for fall. I'm very sincere! (And CM does zebra particularly well...)

  12. I envy you guys! Little Thoughts is so stylish and I love her photography.

  13. Ambika: Can you come to visit us? We'd love to meet you too! Yulanda is very stylish indeed...