Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cherry Ice Cream Smile...

If you recognize the allusion in that title, you are pretty freakin' old :-)

It's one of the lines in Rio, by Duran Duran, that cult classic after which I like to imagine this Freya set was named:

Oooh, lacy delicious goodness and I managed to find the whole thing (plus another style of undies) for $145.00 all in. (For those of you choking right now, let me assure you that finding gorgeous bras that actually defy gravity takes flare with the Visa.)

Here's the thing. I'd love to talk up Secrets from your Sister right now. (That's the shop where I bought these babies, fyi...) But I can't in all good conscience recommend you go there. Honestly, I have spent thousands of dollars in this place over the years, sent countless other sassy lingeristas (who have also spent thousands of dollars) and I find store policy to be so tediously officious that I want to hurt someone. Or, at very least find somewhere else to spend my money.

Problem is, to be quite truthful, it offers the best selection out there and the salespeople really know what the hell they're doing. But the woman who owns the place seems to be running it without any recognition that there are occasional clients (with whom you can play the officious rule game) and really fucking good clients (with whom it behooves you to be a bit more relaxed).

To wit: I have this logoed canvas bag they gave me when my mother and I spent a flat out exorbitant sum between us, one crazy shopping extravaganza day. The bag entitles you to 10% off all future purchases at regular price. Now on this day, in addition to the red undies on sale (above), I intended to purchase a seamless basic, one I've bought from SFYS probably 10x before. Keep in mind, I walked into the store on the spur of the moment, unaware that I might be in the neighbourhood and, regrettably, I'd forgotten said canvas bag.

Of course, the SAs know me by name. They know I am in possession of a coveted bag. However, they politely refused to give me the 10% off the $100.00 seamless basic because I'd neglected to bring the canvas with me. Even though I use the frickin' bag 3x a week just to cart crap around while graciously advertising on their behalf.

So I said thanks and left without the bra. Yesterday I went back for it, with the bag (grudgingly mind you) and saved $11.50. Call me tacky but it's the principle of the thing. And the day I find a better alternative, well that's the day I will be outta there like a shot.


  1. That would tee me off too.

  2. How about buying it in the wrong size next time, and returning with the bag to exchange it and buy it again? would that piss them off enough to make you feel better?
    Now; just how much gravity does this underwear actually defy?

  3. Y: I'm all for supporting the local industry - as you know - but I'd like some great client service in return.

    Hammie: Did I mention, once you buy there are no returns? You may think this is crazy, but they won't even sell you a freakin' bra without making sure it fits you perfectly. Crazily, one of my friends had to assert herself to buy a bra the SA felt wasn't optimal. I say, if you want to spend your hundred bucks you should be allowed (with requisite caution, I suppose). But they're all about the art of bras.

    Oh, and you can rest assured I would never spend so much money on a garment unless it was like magic. If you don't have large breasts, you can't imagine how de rigeur (hahaha) a good bra really is. Esp. after a kid in your late 30s. Not that my tits aren't 100 percent perky :-)

  4. I'm sorry but all I can do now is imagine how that looks on you.

  5. I recognized the lyric instantly.

  6. I have to admit, I'd take the hard line too, and leave without buying the bra until I had my canvas bag with me. If they know you have the bag—it's probably in their computer record of your purchases—then they should give you a break.

    At any rate, I love the lingerie you bought, and I remembered that lyric, too.

  7. that's an effing gorgeous bra. If only I had boobs, that bra would be my first choice!

  8. I simply could pass up this post...Duran Duran and discounted racy red scants, not thats good blogging!

  9. Dr. Monkey: My husband has advised that, if I'd like to see my blog numbers jump, he's knows the exact sort of photo editorial to post! :-) Of course, he's biased...

    Wendy: I knew you would. And not cuz you're old but cuz you are worldly!

    E: I know, they would have had a record in the database. I'm so miffed, still. And yet, I really love this set. (I love them all like my babies:-))

    Sister: You less voluptuous ladies can wear all the gorgeous things. Go out for your 55th and get yourself something super hot!

    IM: I try. If only I'd put some sex shoes next to it...

  10. That kind of malarkey makes me violent. I totally would've passed on the bra, and come back with the bag. And been really snarky about it.

    I, too, recognized the lyric immediately and am, therefore, old. Sigh.

  11. Um, hello Sal, you don't look a day over 25! And rest assured I was very snarky - no one does righteous indignation quite like me (it's a gift).

  12. How I despise petty rules (except, of course, when I'm enforcing them). That's a lovely set you bought!

  13. Oh la la! Thanks for your living comment - so glad to hear you are "making it" in a big city!

  14. Ain't it the truth, Miss C! :-)

    Diana: I was thrilled to see the thoughtful responses to your post. Not only does it show how many people care to offer you their perspectives, but it must make you feel super popular!! You definitely have to let us know what you decide to do.

  15. boy, good for you for venting here. and glad to read in your comment above that you expressed your aggravation at the time. i hate this type of "service."
    this it the one area i can save money. i'm fla-at (happily so). otherwise...i can't even imagine the trouble i'd be in.
    really appreciated your honest comment (first one to write too, requiring extra bravery) to the "wisen up" post on retail recovery.

  16. Editor: You gotta save that money where you can! :-) Re: The Wisen Up post: I did consider lying - but I thought no one would believe it anyway :-)