Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Style Is Eternal

My daughter, M, considering the mysteries of the universe:

Channeling her inner movie star:

Working out a sugar-high (circa 2004):

And playing the modern pre-raphaelite:


  1. She's gorgeous. Is she excited about school starting?

  2. ACK! Her beauty makes my heart constrict. Good job procreating, K. ;)

  3. Very sweet. Is that tree in your new back yard?

  4. Those bangs are so cute on her.

  5. Pretty girl! I wish I had the ability to pull off short bangs.

  6. Oh, she's darling! When you are going to get her blogging? ^_-

  7. I don't understand The Clothes Horse's emticon (or whatever they're called) but before she blogs, she works in Imelda factory. Her little hands should be perfect for lace tying.

  8. so adorable! =)

    please check out my blog,!

  9. Thank you for your loving comments, everyone. I'm biased about M's stylish cutie-ness (she was born this way, seriously) but it's so nice to hear others agree!

    IHeart and Wendy: Those bangs are actually a fix on her own hair-cutting experimentation of early spring. She decided to cut them off because her friends don't have bangs and she doesn't want them either. Needless to say, she didn't realize that's not how it works...

    Tessa: Not so excited about starting school. But excited about getting new school clothes. (She's in daycare so she sees all her school friends all the year long.)

    E and Sal: Thanks you for your generous comments. Sal: When I read your comment to my husband he thought it was poetically adorable.

    Miss C: You had to ask! :-) I wish that were my tree. My trees are mainly 2 feet tall (although in this, our wettest TO summer on record) they are growing fantastically well. That tree is at Christie Pits.

    Y: You could pull them off, I have a feeling.

    Clothes Horse: She has a name for her as yet to be created blog - "Saving Mira". I don't know why she calls it that but she's always talking about what she's going to post to it.

    IM: I think it's a wink. Though I know you are entirely unironic about taking my baby and using her in your factory :-)

    LaCouturier: I will check out your blog.

  10. She is stunning, and your pics really capture the joy of youth :)


  11. Aww how adorable! She is so photogenic (spelling?) - must take after her Mom ;)

  12. She's soooo beautiful!!!
    Love all the pictures but the first one is my fav, she's with a great expression.

    You have reasons to be proud ;)


  13. that smile! those bangs! too cute!

  14. She's quite pretty, I'm a fan!

    And I loooooove that ballerina (?) pic in your banner...

  15. She's adorable, so cute, and with an ethereal beauty. I so love her bangs!

  16. CC: Thank you - she is a particularly joyful young person.

    Diana: Please, stop... :-)

    Thank you Seeker. My fave is the last one, but of course I like them all :-)

    Dalia and Bronwyn: Check out my previous comment about the origin of the mega-short bangs. I think she really likes them too, though, so maybe they'll stick around.

    Melmo and Ambika: Thanks so much!

    Mary-Laure and Melmo: Thanks for commenting... I'll have to check out your blogs.

  17. Your daughter is adorable. I loved the super straight bangs look.