Thursday, August 7, 2008

The One Kind of Shopping I Don't Do...

I've been reading lately about how some people touch up their photos in Photoshop, which is a fascinating practice IMO. I mean, if it works for Heidi, why shouldn't it work for you? And the technology is so available it's practically democratic!

Of course, it won't shock you to know that I don't do this. Naturally, if I did, my arms would look more like Cindy Crawford's and my boobs like Laetitia Casta's and my stomach like Gisele's and my legs - no, actually I'm keeping the legs as is. You get the point.

And knowing me, if I touched up my pictures, I'd go way overboard - like a US Vogue cover - and you wouldn't even know me to bump into me on the streetcar. Which isn't exactly genuine.

The Skinny on why I don't use Photoshop:

  • I know I blame everything I don't do on my age but, seriously, the more likely you are to need it, the less likely you are to have it on your computer. I have access, of course, but I don't so much care to learn how to do it well. Is that terrible? Don't we all look a bit crappier for laziness?
  • While I've adapted amicably to so many of the unfathomable 21st century conventions (Brazilian wax, anyone?), I'd feel a bit artificial about photoshopping. I mean, I wouldn't bother just to get rid of some red-eye. I'd be sculpting the abs and the ass and the boobs and the shoulders and then I'd give my nose a little shaping and I'd make my hair fuller and I'd probably end up a a whole new colour. And, seriously, I like me! So where does it end?

Today, I'd like to know: Have you ever (or routinely) photoshopped yourself? Why? Do you have strong feelings about the practice?


  1. I got a sneak peek of this post! Like I was saying, I have nothing against minor touch-ups on blemishes and such. They are things that make-up cover but sometimes the lighting catches it in photographs. Plus I don't want people to focus on the zit on my chin or how little sleep I had the night before... Granted, I've always been a pretty self conscious of my skin. Also, sometimes I use Photoshop to "iron" out my clothes in my daily wear photos because I'm too lazy to re-iron my clothes before shooting :P

    However, I am not a fan of performing Photoshop plastic surgery. That isn't to say I haven't done it before (on other people, not myself; removing a double chin because the model squished her head back, removing rolls at a friend's request). I also don't like how magazines airbrush wrinkles out of older people/models. HELLO, we know they're old. They look freakish without some lines.

  2. I wish I could use photoshop but I am too stupid/lazy to learn how to use it. Seriously, y'all, I can barely crop a picture. I really enjoy pictures where I'm washed out by too much flash :-)

  3. i do minor touch up like a blotch spot on my face from the sun and such. but to touch up so much that a different person appears is just ridiculous.

  4. I don't bother. I haven't got the time to perfect myself the way I'd like to. Knees, elbows, eyebags, on and on and on.

    This is a good subject, I'm glad you brought it up.

    You don't need retouching, anyway.

  5. Couldn't care less otherwise I wouldn't expose myself on the old blog. honestly the practice is as ridiculous as not admitting to plastic surgery, in fact cosmetic plastic surgery beggers believe - after all the word plastic does give it away!

  6. Y: You did hear it first! I think the best use of Photoshop ever is to iron one's outfits. Seriously, the iron should go the way of the dodo and replaced with this genius technique!! :-)

    WendyB: Isn't being a luddite fun? :-)

    Savvy: I heartily concur.

    E: Who does have the time to Vogue it up with the retouching? Very good point. And thank you for your sweet comment.

    MDAM: Very interesting comparison! I think it's like lipo you don't have to pay for :-) The best you can say for that is that you don't expose yourself to danger - and it's practically free.

  7. I've never photoshopped myself but others have photoshopped over me.

  8. I will freely admit to Photoshopping out things like shine, zits, and Zany Wayward Hairs. But I leave wrinkles alone. And I haven't the skills nor the desire to give myself a Photoshop makeover.

    I don't have super strong feelings about this practice because, as you've stated, when Photoshop is used too heavy handedly (is handedly a word?), WE ALL KNOW. And there's really no harm in zapping a zit. In my opinion, anyway.

  9. I myself don't use photoshop, and probably couldn't wrap my head around all of the things you could do with it. I do edit my photos with other less complicated programs, but generally only to change tint or lighting. I agree with Yulanda, absolutely changing your body or face structure is where I generally find it excessive.

  10. Nope, don't even have Photoshop anymore. Anyway, I find the overly airbrushed look horribly phony. As me again when I'm 60...

  11. Oh yes, and I Photoshop in terms of colour, tinting, etc. But I think you're talking more about airbrushing then that stuff, yes?

  12. The only thing I do to my site pics are crop the head out and blur the background a bit. I guess cropping my head gets rid of the need to photoshop :)

    And I don't actually use Photoshop. I use Paint.NET (it's free!).

  13. Dr. Monkey - That's deep :-) (Oh, and your name rocks!)

    Hey Sal: Handedly is a word in my book. And I love a girl who capitalizes Zany Wayward Hairs. Shall we call them ZWHs from now on??

    Jill: My husband tells me it's not that complicated but I just don't feel the need to take on one more technology at this point!

    IHeart: Touche.

    Y: That's exactly what I was talking about. Not changing the lighting. Changing the shape of the nose.

    SR: You have to leave your whole gorgeous self in! And good tip on the free software. Thanks!