Monday, April 4, 2011

In Which I Advise You About How I Haven't Lost It

And by "it" I'm referring more to "that ineffable something" than "my sanity", cuz Lord, this spring has been taxing (hahaha, get it: taxing?)...

Alas, I'm not here to completely bore you with my level of stress borne of so much stuff to consider that I no longer have time (never mind mental energy) to consider daily blogging - much less regular sewing.

All this is to say I am working on getting through the next couple of weeks - with gratitude and as few grade 5 homework assignments as I can manage. I'm doing my best to post. But how to post when all the things that lubricate my brain are but afterthoughts, languishing in a pit of exhaustion and ennui?

Apparently the purple prose part of my brain is very hearty.

OK, today I knew I hadn't lost it when, on walking home (like a veritable blob), a stopped-at-red-light school bus of tweens called out of the windows: I love your cape. I love your boots. Your hair is really cool. I would have thought they were being sassy brats but for their transparently innocent demeanor. They actually thanked me for smiling back at them and for being "a nice lady as well as pretty".

On a vaguely related note, a few weeks ago I showed my kid the You Tube video of a newish song I found called "Price Tag" by Jesse J.

She and I like dancing around and singing to it.

Anyway, last week, M came home and advised that her friends had just "discovered" the song. When they mentioned it to her, like a secret, divulged, she told them casually that she already knew all the words to it because her mum told her about it a long time ago.

Um, hello. Score one for the blond lady with the cape and the suede boots.


  1. As IF you didn't already know you're the epitome of coolness. AS IF!

  2. I LOVE that story about the kids and their drive-by compliments! So great! (And, I also have a soft spot for that song!)

    Here's wishing you a stress-free few weeks (or, as stress-free as is reasonably possible!)

  3. Oh, that is the best compliment! What a nice story! I'd be smiling for days if that happened to me.

    (So much better than the "Booty! Nice!" I was catcalled with by two teenage boys the other day when jogging in running tights.)

  4. Hello, my epitome-of-fabulous friend and uber cool Mom, we LOVE you!

  5. Ah-mazing. Coolest mom ever? I think so.

  6. That's pretty cool.
    That's also a nice video, it's fun.

  7. Ahh, y'all are so sweet to me. And I need the bump these days. xoxoxo